Eco friendly rooftop || Nicely decorated terrace 🥀

I was extremely sick for several days. Although not so serious, just suffering from cold and fever and it’s not covid for sure. Now by the grace of almighty it’s much better. Since I was sick the day after Eid, I couldn’t enjoy well. In fact didn’t go anywhere for outing. To be honest there was not much time after Eid as the government had earlier announced a lockdown. In fact lockdown is still going on in our country. I haven’t been out of the house for a long time. This made me feel more restless. It seemed like it would be great to go out.

While scrolling Instagram, Suddenly an advertisement came into view. It was a rooftop restaurant near to my town and couldn’t resist to check out. I know in this situation we shouldn’t go out but trust me we maintain extra precaution.


That was the interior. Black couch with a black center table and background was burned orangish color, although this picture is giving a maroon vibe. Wall was decorated by some fancy stuffs which looked pretty good.



It was an extremely hot summer day. As this was a rooftop restaurant so they didn’t provide any air condition here so the heat of the sun is abundant. We do order a extra chocolatey ice cool milk shake and ice cream in the flavour mango.



This was the outdoor I mean terrace view. They decorated the whole place with simple furniture. Normal coffee table and chair. But the thing is they arranged different plants to furnish which was really eye catching. There were many plants of small and medium size.


But I think they didn’t properly take care of that plants cause these are extremely dry. Some are totally burned because of sun light. They should give extra care of those issues.


In a corner, it was a heart shape bench which may be there signature sight. They used their logo in this area may be for promotion. Although it was an unpredictable hot summer day but indeed spending well.

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