DIY ART - " Leaf doodle" !!

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It's raining outside. There are no gigs and I am home. After waking up, the first thing that crossed my mind is let's sleep again and again because of the weather. Never happened though. So I thought let's try something that I have never tried before. Last day I drew a pencil sketch which was also a new experience for me. While I was thinking about showing some creativity, I noticed that it's class time. And I have to join my online classes. As usual classes are so boring, During class I saw a paper before me and I'd made a doodle art absently for the very first time. Have a look 👇


It's a doodle art. I would make a leaf doodle on my paper. Which is simple yet gorgeous.
Many of us may not know about doodling. So before starting how I made this let's know the basic about doodling. ......

What is Doodling❓

The original definition of “to doodle” is “to draw” sketch or scribble idly” especially while you are doing something else Doodling requires no thinking, but it helps your brain working. Since doodling is a mindless and easy activity, it gives your brain time to work and think.Doodling is instinctive and comes naturally. No matter you are an artist or not, everyone can doodle.

Now I'm briefing you how I create this art....

Drawing Materials

Pencil (4B)
Pencil (10B)
Black gel pen
Art Paper


Way I'm following

First I have tried to draw a leaf shape by the help of a 4B pencil. It need not to be perfect just try to give a shape of leaf at least.


Now I made ramifications on fresh leaf with the help of a pencil as it's gonna help me to make different design on every single section.


Then you have to tight line the border of your leafs by the help of a black gel pen or sign pen.


Now your art is perfectly ready for designin. I started to make designs from top of the leaf. I drew dot circles on top of the leaf.


Then I made mandala designs on other portions of the leaf. You may go very slowly when you tried it out otherwise it gonne be ruin.


When you completed your filling on every individual portion of leafs after that you have to bold the borders of leaf as it helps to increase glory of your art more.


So wanna see the outcome of all of these? Here it is...........


How was it ? Since I did it for the very first time of my life so I'm fully satisfied with what I did. Don't forget to let me know your feedback about this drawing. Your keenness helps me to do something better.

That's all for today. See you on my next blog. Till then stay home and stay safe.

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