🌿 Henna art for beginners 🌿

More or less every girl's would like to do "henna art". I'm one of those. Basically from childhood, it's being my favorite. But then I couldn’t, so my mom used to art on my hand.
Specially in times of Eid, Henna is must. Though it is in circulation throughout the year.
Different types of henna cones are available on market like organic or active cones. You can choose it according to your need or preference. Today I thought to make another blog for those who is beginner in henna art. So I'm trying to make a super easy henna art.


Lemme show you how I create this....


First I do a shape of normal flower just on my wrist.Not a flower though just draw a point or dott then make circles and u- shape zigzag.


I made this in a corner of my wrist so on another portion I made straight lines and make it fill with same designs.


Just up of the lines I try to make a semi-mandala base flower. As you can see this is super easy to make.


After that I try to make a curve line from here to my small finger. Which need not to be perfect just make a curve line. Then I make same zig-zag designs as you can see before. Then try to give leaf shape things just beside it.


After that I fill the empty portion with some simple designs so you can fill it with any designs that you can make.

Now come to finger designs, finger design's are really very important for henna art. You can easily make a cap design on your finger, it is very easy and will gives you a classical vibe.
As I make this henna art very simple for the begginer so try to make a easy design on finger.


Then make a curved line beside straight ones and then make it feel with your henna. For better look, you can add on top dots, it'll help to make your art more sharp. You can try to do the same on rest overs but I prefer to do it on my two fingers only and rest over remain empty.

That's how I finish my henna art. Left the henna for 10 minutes then wash it with normal water then soak it. So wanna see the resul?... Have a look...


Isn’t it looks supper classy?... Actually fact is, this art is very simple and easy to do. Anybody can try this out. You need not to be a henna artist for creating this.

That's all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying. Catch me on my next blog. Till then stay home, stay safe.

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