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It looks Pokémon-ish and not sure I want to FOMO in just yet.


Back in my day, I used to play Pokémon Red and Blue in middle school and I believe I had an unbeatable lineup. Nowadays, they have expanded to so many different types and it is hard to keep up. I remember when there were only 150 Pokémon.

Let's just forget about MissingNo for a sec, ok?

Throwback meme of mine from the future. Don't get triggered.

Anyways, I have fond memories of a hack using the transfer cable that allowed the duplication of Pokémon. Oh, having trouble getting your hands on a Rare type like Articuno or Zapdos? Not anymore. We had the Pokémon cloning black market on lock. Those were the days...

Just make sure your Gameboy didn't run out of juice or it could be lost forever in the void. ::Shudders::

To show my commitment to memes on Hive, I will purchase the same amount of Hive of this post reward value including curation.

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