Haphazard hopes


I've just realized that Monday has gone by and I wasn't salty or bitching about some random and irrelevant problem, which is a flagrant breach of my posting contract. So in order to fix my mistake I found something to complain about: the lack of Hive drama. Remember when people fought like 5 year olds over dumb shit, remember the flag wars and other retarded stuff that used to happen ? Those were the good times, so much meme-able material, so many good jokes to be made. Now with everything being perfect, maybe apart from the random phishing attempt, I have to work hard to find something funny that is also Hive related.
Maybe we could fabricate some drama, it works wonders on youtube, I mean look at how much money the mouth breathing Paul brothers are making. If those slick brained buffoons can make it work, why can't we ?
For those that don't know any better I'm messing around with the drama bit, and don't worry about me jinxing it, I drank E-girl bath water for 2 days straight so we should be good on that front :)

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