What is your best coin/token in the hive ?

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

I have read and heard many times that a picture says a lot for the world so I am here to share that will all of you here I hope you will enjoy it I love to share memes and I am kind of used to it now that a lot for your support and encouragement..

Yes we are all well aware of the many tokens in the hive there must be and sure we all have a favorite of them for sure. I have listed a few of mine which is in my top list 😅, let's see what else you have in your wallets hidden 😄

There are indeed great other tokens to in hive but not can be listed in a post 😁, may be that will in the next post.

every token has their won value as per the coin investment and the project that they are used for. Leo was one of them that have shown us many things in the hive and now it has its own things.
I have no idea why Leo is down as per the price it was before.
still, there are many users who are staking Leo and increasing their Leo power and using that for curation and that is the best option really to earn more Leo power

The image is captioned by me on the website imgflip, have a look,

This is just made for fun, I am not really making fun of anyone.

I have made this meme on the website imgflip, feel free to join that amazing platform and make your own meme for free 😁

Never forgot one thing you should be grateful for because what you have someone has a dream of that. So learn to be grateful. Be Thankful. 🙏😀

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think.







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