Scumbag brain in my time of need 🧠🖕 + TCP Soy vs UDP Chad 💪 - OC Meme Article

Gotta love when that happens!


And by love I mean makes me want to bungee jump off a bridge using ethernet cables... Just kidding!
I'm ok, guys. Really!

So the question on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" or more accurately my job interview today was:

How do you list processes on Linux?

Psh. I got this! It's in the bag... Wait what? How do I do that??? (Oh Noes internally)

So that's the story of how my brain said FU in recalling a 2 character command (ps) that I've used hundreds of times to check processes on Ubuntu. How could I forget something so simple?!

Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop

The World May Never Know

Sidebar: Yes I know there was an article published regarding the # of licks but let's not be pedantic, shall we? ...BTW the answer according to studies was average of 508 licking evenly and 252 when focusing licks on one side. There! Are you happy now!?

Regarding the command in question, my usage is as follows:

ps -ef | grep python

This command may be used to list PIDs of python processes which may be helpful to kill a particular one which I find myself having to do on docker occasionally. Anyways...

Maybe 5 minutes AFTER the interview, I cringed so hard when I realized I knew the answer all along. Not just this time but the last time the recruiter had asked me as well. It's as if my brain willfully did not want to connect the dots.

Anyways, besides that and slipping over my words a couple times, think the interview went okay. One highlight was busting out the TCP/UDP joke which goes something like this:

"I would tell you a joke in UDP but you probably wouldn't get it."

Thankfully, this made the interviewer laugh. If you aren't a nerd and didn't get that. Read this article about "User Datagram Protocol" and maybe just maybe it will make sense.

We just demonstrated the point of delivering a punchline via a best-effort, "fire-and-forget" protocol of communication. In other words unlike TCP, UDP doesn't care about getting acknowledgment. In that sense, I guess UDP and I are not so different afterall. 😉


When life gives you crap, maybe we should be more like UDP Chad

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