A KARGO IPA beer in the greek sun


At the pool area, we found that sunny spot to put the bottle and the label.

Picture by @detlev

Hey Hive Family
let us enjoy another beer

Visiting Crete

I never ever saw so many olive trees

Crete is a huge island and where ever you look in nature you see olive trees. We have a lot of this oil to our food, as it is healthy and the taste here in the warm Crete is lovely.

Picture by @detlev

or you see even a lot old stone or caves who might tell some interesting stories from the past.

Picture by @detlev

To much nature made me thirsty

so, back to the KARGO IPA. We found this beer here at a local market and after so much light Pils style beer, an IPA is a nice one.

For this photo session, we put the beer to the stones and trees. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Picture by @detlev

Picture by @detlev

Picture by @detlev

Dark orange, little head

They say:

AMSTEL KARGO IPA. Το 1800 ένα φορτίο μπύρας με αρωματικούς λυκίσκους έπλευσε στις τροπικές Ινδίες δημιουργώντας την εξωτική απόλαυση μιας India Pale Ale. Σήμερα, η AMSTEL KARGO IPA έφτασε σε σένα.

Picture by @detlev

As KARGO IPA is made by Amstel, here is the story behind:

It is said that India Pale Ale (IPA) beer was born in 1800 in the holds of the ships traveling towards the British colonies of distant India. As the journeys lasted several months, the merchants of the time added generous amounts of hops to the barrels, in order to ensure that the beer would remain fresh. Our friends in the Athenian Brewery decided to embark upon the journey of making a great IPA beer for the Greek beer community, so they asked us to get onboard and brand their latest love project.

Creative direction
The unique aromas & the mysterious hazy appearance due to its unfiltered nature demanded an image that would convey its authenticity and bold character in every single touch point of the brand with its audience. After taking a closer look at the culture, history, and myths around the IPA category, we decided that the key elements that we should focus on are Craftsmanship, Journey, Adventure and Hops (the distinctive ingredient).

The packaging
To depict the timeless need for adventure and discovery, we got our inspiration from the wood carving techniques that used to illustrate old naval tales. We chose high contrast main colors, Red (the passionate color of Amstel, the mother brand) and Blue (the color of the sea that adventurers have to cross in their quests). The illustrations were drawn as a fluid composition of symbols: from the ingredients to classical themes and symbols of pirate stories. In the middle of it: the precious cargo.

The name
We needed a name that surpassed labels and the two-dimensional surface of adventure. We wanted to show that this beer’s authenticity transcends how things look and that it’s all about the essence of what we truly are inside. The values, desires & impulses that we carry and make us real and authentic.

So we named it Kargo.
With a K instead of a C, because nothing real is flawless.

Source of Text

Picture by @detlev

My statement

This session IPA is a light IPA and on the other hand it does not really taste like a typical IPA.

Picture by @detlev

The reviews at ratebeer says

"Pours almost clear golden with a tiny white head. Malty caramel aroma, sweet. Taste is sweet malty, corn and grains, weak harsh bitter finish, not a good one"

by ratebeer.com

Back to stones and nature

Now the sightseeing starts again and we explore the other parts of the island....tbc


Have a great day everybody
and let us travel the world again

pic by @detlev

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