My Beerday in Antigua started with this Girlfriendless IPA

Good morning HIVE!

Had visitors from Costa Rica last weekend and decided to go for a stroll to Antigua. I brought my computer along with me because I had some work to do at noon, so, while the ladies were busy looking around in the local markets, I decided to find a quiet corner where I could get some work done.

Now, I'm of the opinion that if you'll be comfortably working on something, why not enjoy a nice pint of gold while you're at it?

That's exactly what I did.

DSC09749 copy.JPG

Pulled up a pint of Sin Novia (Girfriendless) IPA; how appropriate!

Sin Novia is brewed by the same company that makes Cucurucho Stout. You might want to check out t this post which has some pretty cool info on the upcoming Semana Santa (Easter) week celebrations here in Guatemala.

Anywho, as IPAs go, it's more on the bitter side, which I like. It's made with American hops and no hopes. I guess they named it Girfrienless because of the bitter situation one might find themselves in after losing a girfriend. Not my case at all. I only lost her for about an hour.

After my work was done and reunited with my better half. We decided to go up the mountain to a place called Hobbitenango for lunch. check out the view!

GOPR0332 - Giant face.JPG

We where greeted by this most friendly giant who happened to be chilling out by the side of the mountain.

more like stuck; for eternity I think.

He was kind enough to hold us on the palm of his hand so we could get a better view of the Panchoy Valley.

GOPR0345 - hand.JPG

After lunch and a stroll around Hobbitenango, the clock struck Beer o'clock. you know what time it is!

we decided to go to the source and say hi to our friends at Cervecería Catorce (Brewery on Route 14) as you may have guessed, they on route 14.

and look at this place!

I's better than Willy Wonka's factory by a mile!

GOPR0353 - cervecería 14.JPG

DSC09750 - Ale.JPG
DSC09752 - stout.JPG

Everybody was there!
blonde ale was there, porter was there. Heck, we went ahead and said hi to the entire Catorce family.

DSC09753 - all beers.JPG

kids concert.png

If you're ever down here, please let me know. I'd love to have a pint with a fellow Hiver in Antigua Guatemala.

all images taken by my on my Sony a6000 + Sigma 30mm and GoPro Hero 7

This post is part of #beersaturday run by the amazing @detlev. You can find other #BEER posts HERE

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