$RAZOR Staking with Multiple Asset Rewards Activated (31st August 2021)

The introduction of a decentralized system has brought opportunities for many to record daily rewards on their saving through the feature called STAKING.
Early this year, Razor Network joined OpenDeFi to participate in UniFarm Cohort with an opportunity for contributors to earn multiple token rewards via staking $RAZOR. The pool opened does not accommodate many and this resulted in Cohort 4 openings and the same happened, which shows that people have been waiting for an opportunity to multiply the amount of $RAZOR in their wallet via staking.

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The Launch of UniFarm Cohort 20 Featuring RAZOR

OpenDeFi powered by OroPocket just announced the launch of Cohort 20 with 4 amazing projects including Razor Network.
Following the fact that Razor holders have been on staking standby for long with questions on their mind, "when will Razor staking pool, be open again".
UniFarm Cohort 20 with Razor Network live 31st August 2021.
The remaining three projects that will join Cohort 20 are,
DeFinity ($DEFX)
OpenDeFi ($ORO)
UniFarm ($UFARM)

Razor Network is a decentralized oracle for DeFi. This project decentralizing allows verification and provision of data to a blockchain. The network is a set of smart contracts that can run on any Ethereum compatible blockchain and it relies on the underlying blockchain for providing certain properties like, Censorship, Resistance, and Security for network partition attacks.

How will staking $RAZOR in Cohort 20 benefit stakers?

If you are new to UniFarm then, this question is the norm for you. Have experience multiple token rewards for staking one digital asset?
UniFarm gives an opportunity for farming multiple digital assets for staking one single asset.
Raed the Cohort 20 announcement for your better understanding and be quick to commit your $RAZOR before the pool is filled.

UniFarm Cohort 20 Announcement
Buy RAZOR on UniSwap, Balancer, Gate.io, MEXC, AEX
Smart Contract Address: 0x50de6856358cc35f3a9a57eaaa34bd4cb707d2cd
Website: https://razor.network

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