Elven Cutthroat - Splinterlands Battle Challenge - Silver Leauge Strategy

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THEME: Elven Cutthroat

Elven Cutthroat is a card that I rarely use. It cost 3 mana, 1 health and 1 dmg - not so strong to use in most of battles. The only battles I usually use it are that with Equalizer rule. Here is an example:

Additionally we can use only odd cards and mana cap is very low.
Equalizer gives a huge boost to all 1health cards. In low mana battles we cannot expect many monsters - especially with a lot of health - so good decision is to use low mana cards as much as possible. Most of them will get additional health.

I used Marlic Stormbringer as a summoner. Expected all monster will have not so much health. +1 extra dmg for all my monsters will help finish battle faster.

I have put Monkey in the front because it's my best low mana monster who can attack only from first position. Ooze on the second position to slow down enemies and create a buffer before opponent's monster start attack my Serpentine Fly. My opponent had similar conception but used Kobold instead.

At the beginning of the second round was obvious already that victory is mine. I had two card with higher lvl than 1 but not that was decisive. Decisive was that I used one card more, so opponent had to do more damage than me. Elven Cutthroat the only advantage was that can attack not from first position. Otherwise I would never used it in this battle.

> Watch full battle here <

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

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