Tulaan Beach resort and Tulaan Waterfalls with Love! 😍

Good morning friends. We took another trip to the beach resort here in Leyte way to Babatgon. It took us another long trip to get to our destination. Our destination was the famous beach resort here in Leyte the “Tulaan Beach” and the waterfalls called “Tulaan Waterfalls”.

My girlfriend @flordecar26 and I traveled from our place to Babatngon using my motorcycle for just over 26 minutes to arrived in the destination.


While we were in the middle of the trip we were amazed at the view we were going through and stopped to take a picture.This are some places we stopover and took some pictures:


A bridge with a green mountain as a background.


An up hill road and a rocky mountain at the right side and my beautiful girlfriend at the center😁.


Then we continue to reach out the beach resort. After a long ride we finally arrived at the resort. We get inside and ask some inquiries to the resort manager if how much are we going to pay if we're going to take a reservation in the following days. After that we ask the manager if we can roam around the resort to take some pictures and she allows us to tour their but no video recording just pictures. So we tour ourselves and take some photos. The place is good, their are two swimming pools for children and adults, rooms for those who will stay for overnight and a big and small cottages near the beach. And you will be contented to the fees of one hundred pesos per head and seven hundred to one thousand pesos of cottages that you will going to pay for the whole day. This are the photos we took while at the resort.






While in the beach taking some photos we saw a rock formation near the site.





We move their and take some photos again😊. But while we are their, we were tempted to take a bath because of the beauty of the sea and the coolness of the sea water, we didn't care even if it was hot😁.

I can't show a picture while we are taking a bath because I was afraid that my cellphone might get wet in the sea water😂.

After we had fun bathing, I thought about where to rinse ourselves because the sea water is salty. We looked around to see if there was a bucket that we could rinse for free 😂. But their's nothing, so we decided to just go to the waterfall and just take a shower there. We walked a few meters away to the waterfall. And there is a fee of fifty pesos per person if you come in to look at the waterfall.


Fortunately, we were the only ones to go to the waterfall and we were alone paddling in the cold water and enjoy the water falling from the top of the mountain.







We took the opportunity and enjoyed bathing under the pouring water.

Until then, my friends. Thank you for your time visiting my blog.

Keep safe and Gid bless.


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