Looking for a future winterlet in Spain

Dear Travelers,

After years of traveling and having studied Spanish for the last 4 years now it is time to look for a second home in Spain.

This monday we head out to Malaga in Andalucia where we will stay 5 days before we head on to Dénia in Catalunia.



In Malaga we wanna feel the vibe of living in a larger city in the south of Spain. A fitting house would be a townhouse with two beds two baths.
Unlike Denia I have not studied the real estate prices in Malaga in detail nor the rent costs for winterlets.

First we wanna know if this (2nd choice) city is something to consider seriously.

Trip to Dénia

We rented a car already and we will drive 5 hours to Denia on Saturday.


In Dénia we rented a small villa of Dutch people so we can get a feel how it is. The villa is close to the center of Denia.

We will use a week to look into the area of Dénia and Javea (Xabia) which means going inland a little to look for other options than the areas close to Denia itself. Be aware that a villa ten minutes inland can cost 50K less than the same around Denia and the plot is bigger. I spent already days in preparation of all possibilities. A rental appartment followed by a future buy of a house is our current plan.

The car we leave at Alicante Airport after a week in Denia.


Being able to read Spanish helped me also to dig a little deeper into the various issues around Denia as there is the norther beaches that have lost half their size due to various reasons. Some houses were lost to the sea already!

Same is true for the water consumption. Small cities like Pedreguer see large Urbanizationes being developed in the hils around and they weigh heavy on electricity supply etc

So I am taking a break in posting here on hive y hasta luego !

see you

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