For Monday's #APART Picture & Reggae Themed Song Challenge ~ Mushroom 🍄

Nature always surprises me! Today the Sun was shinning and a great opportunity for me to go out for some fresh air and see what picture I could find for the #APART Challenge.

While out on my daily Nature walk, I noticed some Mushrooms. They have a really calming effect on me I think, but I'm not experienced enough to know if they are edible. So I just left them alone for others to enjoy, as I always try to do with Nature.

We should always take care not to damage anything that grows in the wild. As they often provide something important to the Birds or Insects in some way. Nature is best to be simply admired and protected in my opinion!

Happy Irie Monday Everyone... 😎 This "Picture & Song" publication is my latest contribution to the #APART Reggae Themed Music Challenge in the awesome [ ReggaeJAHM Community ]

APART = A Picture 🖼 And Reggae Tune 🎶

For more INFO: Please read the "Challenge Instructions" Post [here]

  • So let's begin with my latest #APART Picture (Taken by me).


A Closer Viewpoint (below).


Both of the above Original Photos were taken by me with my Apple iPhone.
[ Strictly Copyright ©2021 ©andy4475 ]

  • Photo Location: Woking Park, Surrey, England, United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Now for the second part of my #APART Challenge ~ My ©YouTube Song selection...

I'm sure that everyone in Jamaica (or anywhere else) knows about the magic properties of Mushrooms. Some can get you high & happy, but some others can make you very sick! So don't eat or cook what you are not sure about ~ Just my warning, as some Mushrooms can be fatal (seriously!)

Anyway, much to my surprise I found a Reggae song by "Johnny Osbourne" amazingly titled "Mushroom" ~ Quite simply the most perfect match for my Mushroom pictures today. Please enjoy the song... 🍄

Uploaded to ©YouTube by: ©Johnny Osbourne (with 2.95K subscribers).
℗ 2008 Greensleeves Records

  • Song: Mushroom
  • Music Artist: Johnny Osbourne
  • Album: Fally Lover

Video Sourced from ©YouTube [here]

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 00.23.00.png

Above "Screen Shot" Sourced from the #APART Challenge Post [here]

Many Thanks for reading and listening,
and please come again soon to the #ReggaeJAHM Community.
This is meant to be a FUN Music Challenge... So just enjoy...

Please Note: That I now have a brand new account @andy-jahm (only for #JAHM Token Curation) ~ This ALT account should be rewarding quality posts in the ReggaeJAHM Community very soon.

Many Thanks for your kind attention!
See you all again very soon... 👋

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