The Pier

The Pier

The Last couple of days, well yesterday and today I haven't got out for my normal morning walks, yesterday because I had bad Heartburn/Indigestion, I get it occasionally since I have a haital hernia, and sometimes if I life something heavy or do a lot of bending it seems to trigger it, I am nmot sure what triggered it this time, but resting up, yesterday I feel a bit better today and could have gone out but there is heavy rain and lightning, so staying in this morning made sense.

and talk about Murphys law yesterday I looked out the window around sunrise and the skies were spectacular, LOL I should not have looked out the window

I have shared shots of the Pier On Rodney French Blvd, at the end of the Harbor Walk and next door to Cisco Brewery Bar many times, but I thought perhaps because I have so many shots of it to do a post of just shots of the pier itself.
I hope your not getting sick of shots of the pier, because I take many shots of it when I walk in this area, I think well for me having a pier in the foreground when the sun is rising makes such a beautiful view and I cane resist getting a snap or two while there


Sony A7iii 20mm F20 15 Sec ISO 100
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Sometimes I start my walk near the pier and hence catch it in the blue hour before the sunrises such as this next shot.

the light on the pier for this next shot was a car that had just pulled up as I was about to take the shot, one of the many fisherman who often come to this spot to fish off the pier.
This person I have spoken to a few times while there and he said to me sorry did my car lights ruin your shot, and I told him no please turn them back on they light up the pier, and then I took this shot


Sony A7iii 17mm F8 30 Sec ISO 100
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This next shot is from the back of the Cisco brewery Bar and restaurant with a different view of the Pier and you can see the Hurricane Barrier wall and harbor walk behind it


Sony A7iii 22mm F9 25 Sec ISO 100
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And a shot looking out on the pier from the side of it, this time the pier is lit up from me walking out on the pier with a LED light to light it up a little, with the long exposure you can see the pier lit up, but not me


Sony A7iii 22mm F14 20 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

and a last shot of the pier from a different angle.


Sony A7iii 22mm F14 1 25 Sec ISO 100
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Now that I have finished preparing this post, I am thinking the light and clouds are similar in most of these shots, perhaps I should have got photos from days where they sky was noticeably different, ohh well its almost time for me to post this, so maybe that will be another post in the future

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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