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"The last harvest of fruit from my garden"

The last harvest of fruit from my garden

Autumn has arrived, and with it the rich fruits, and this season you can see the success of my work, which rewarded me.

This fruit is one of the oldest fruit cultures and rarely anyone does not have it in Vojvodina.



Quince is one of the oldest fruit crops, it is a woody plant and belongs to the rose family. Quince fruits look like a mixture of apple and pear, but they basically have nothing to do with apple and pear.

Quince is rich in vitamins and minerals, and most importantly it contains high vitamin C, which is needed during the winter.


Quinces for fresh use:

The quince harvest is most often determined by the color of the skin and the ease of falling off the branches. They are harvested at the end of September until the end of October, depending on the variety.


Quinces that you want to keep fresh, should be packed in wooden packaging in which they are arranged in one row.

Quince fruits can be stored for a relatively long time and longer than three months, depending on the variety being grown.



William's pear, originally from Great Britain, has taken root in our area, so now it is increasingly grown for making brandy.

Their harvest begins in early September, its fruits are very large and light green or yellow. The fruit of this pear is very sweet, juicy and full of taste and specific aroma.


They are very suitable for storage, they can stand in a cool and dry place for up to a couple of months.



Plum is one of the most valued fruits in Banat and beyond, in addition to being delicious, its fruits can be processed in several ways, perhaps it is part of its polarity.

This year was full of ripe, sweet fruits that we picked and used in various ways in the preparation of jams, marmalades, compotes and even plum brandy, which is known throughout our country.



The plum tree reaches up to ten meters in height, it all depends on pruning before winter. The plum fruit has different shapes from round to oblong, when fully ripe the fruits are juicy and tasty. The fruits are usually firm and have a smooth surface and their color is usually dark blue.


The harvest of plums is determined by the purpose, if they are harvested for export, then they should be picked a little earlier. And if you want to use them for jam, marmalade, juice or in any processing, the fruits should be fully ripe.




Grapes are most often talked about in the fall when the harvest and wine preparation begins, Banat has long been known for that tradition, where grapes are grown and good wine is produced. In my garden there are wonderful grape fruits that have richly rewarded me this year.


In order to grow vines and get quality grapes, we need a special climate, warm and sunny climate, land, but also a lot of work and care of the plant in order to get exceptional fruits in return.


Depending on the grape variety, at the end of August until October, during the harvest, care should be taken that the stalks are green and the berries are healthy and the same color. In order to keep the grapes standing for as long as possible, it is necessary to spread them in a large basket in one layer so that the air circulates freely.


This year, I prepared them for a little longer use, so that they would last a little longer, otherwise grapes are a very healthy fruit and contain a lot of nutrients.


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