One and only Purpusorum

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One of the most photogenic echeverias I have. The leaves with all the colours and spots look so cool both in colour and in black and white. Plus, unlike most the leaves are super glossy smooth and shiny. Just gorgeous!

Echeveria purpusorum

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This is a specie and is native to Mexico. The rosettes are not very big. Leaves are very thick, stiff and very compact. I have had it for a few years already and it is also rather slow growing one. Blooms few times a year though if she is happy (which doesn't always happen with me).

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As many Echeverias it is likes to be attacked by the damn mealybugs. But since the leaves are smooth they are easy to remove. Much harder to get them from those tight gaps between the leaves.

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The flowers are lovely! They have quite typical bell shape, but the double colour is just amazing. It reminds me Echeveria Agavoides that also has those red blooms with lighter tips. Even the plant itself is kindoff similar. The flowers are larger though and the red part is more intensive on purpusorum.

echeveria purpusorum flowers 5.jpg

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I would love to have a second one as I really like this one, but I am having really hard time propagating it. I have tried a few times with leaf cuttings, just like I do with any other succulent/echeveria and it just doesn't work!
She also doesn't seem to be very eager to produce any new rosettes along the stem, like some other do.


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Bonus shot with the Furry Master :)

echeveria purpusorum flowers 4.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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