Husband/Wife Cheating? Business Partner Cheating? Let flipflopcrypto read them.


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I started my career with a Feng Shui master because, well. He requested that I work for him after having a look at my numbers. I was a young troubled kid, and he told me that when i grow up, i would be dealing with high Governments and helping them solve problems. I was young at that time and to some extent I did not believe whatever he said. So, I started working as his assistant and i listened to every consultation he gave. After a couple of months, I started believing because he has been very accurate and he could explain as to why certain things happens or are the way and he often relates to science. Well, as I grew, everything he said actually came to pass.

In the past, due to the lack of scientific discovery, although many things discovered that would be able to tell the future of one person or an entire society. for example the book of I-Ching and the Mayan Calendar. However, due to the system of passing down those knowledge, certain things was then misinterpreted and then lost.

I through my journey of discovery in Metaphysics. I came to realize, that everything relates to one another, and if I were to sum it up to to a word, personally I would call it the law of nature. Similar to the laws of physics, biology and fibonacci's golden number.


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Among a class of 300 or so. I was the only one able to grasp the concept and was able to read numbers prematurely. I was then personally tutored, intensively for years from morning to dusk learning reading, listening and watching.

It comes natural to me and it is because of this foundation that I'm able to understand things easily. e.g engineering, architecture, science, medicine, etc. because they follow the same laws of the universe. Everything that exist in this world, would manifest an exact opposite of it. Such is the law of nature. It is the way the universe balances itself. The principals of yin & yang, cause and effect, karma. right is not right and wrong is not wrong. I would imagine that it would be difficult for a regular westerner to grasp eastern philosophy. but yet not impossible. It is not my intention to teach this to anyone, but I can help you be certain of whatever you're seeking and probably give you information that would help you make better informed decisions.

Trouble with lover. business complications, are the norms. sometimes it goes so deep that it takes one persons life away. Or if you are about to fall in love but there are tell tale signs or you aren't sure. Sometimes it can be your colleage, your superior or your boss. othertimes it could be if you arent sure if you're placing the right person to handle the job.

I offer my reading skills to those who are truly in need or troubled. I charge a minimum of 20 hives for the first 20mins. and if you require more it will be another 20 hives for 20 minute add on. I can only do a limited number pre day as it does take up my energy.

Those who are keen. Drop me an email at, once schedule is confirmed, 20 Hives would be required before we start the session. The only information that I require is that person's date of birth and residing country. let me know in the comments if i have not respond to your mail.

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