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This is the first post for my new and 'long time coming' community on Steem. As many of you know I have lived in India for 15 years now and been consciously on the Spiritual Path since my first visit to India in 1997. I hope this new community called "SpiritWeb" can be a beautiful resource and inspiration to us all. Whilst we are all so busy doing things, it is also so worthwhile to stop and ask some of those deeper questions... perhaps the ones we really came here to ask!

So this post is an edited version of a post I wrote a long time ago! It is about what being a Spiritual Person really means. I think there are a lot of misconceptions and labels these days, and so I think this post is a great start to this community and hope you also find it intersting enough to post yourself on this topic!

What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Person?

I fart, I burp, I pick my nose, I swear at people (when I'm really upset), I smoke, sometimes eat meat, and I don't do yoga .. but AM I A SPIRITUAL PERSON?!

To be a spiritual person means to come from a place of unity with all life, whilst also serving our own selfish needs. Being selfish is important and not always a bad thing! Compassion and a feeling of one'ness are a natural state when your heart is open and you are aware of your existence as a small part of a greater whole. If we feel angry, and have righteous anger toward someone, then that feeling is connected and grounded in truth and honor; in this case for ourselves. If on the other hand we are acting out from our wounding and simply being toxic and very angry, then we are coming from a place of disconnectedness, and with a closed heart.

Therefore, having an open heart and a deep compassion for all life is the cornerstone of being a spiritual person. It does not matter the details of what you say or do, what matters is why you act. Are you coming from a place of EGO or seflishness?? The decisions we make and the path we lead are based on our choices, and it is our choices and actions that define us. When our choices come from a feeling of wanting to serve and help, then this is a very Spiritual way to be, no matter How you do it or the tone of your voice whilst doing it! When we only consider ourselves and are disconnected from the whole unity of life, we are not acting spiritually since we are forgetting about everything except ourselves. Each of us is a microcosm of the universe, and when we acknowledge and feel the unity of all life, only then can we really say that we are a Spiritual Person.

"Having an open heart and a deep compassion for all life is the cornerstone of being a spiritual person."

We live in such a diverse world, with so many cultures and accepted ways of behaving, and so there is no hard and fast wule for how to behave to be a spiritual person. We can't say, for example, that it's not Spiritual to burp out aloud, when in Africa that is a complement to the cook! Being Spiritual is a way of life, a flow that comes with being connected and in tune with the vibration of love, empathy, and compassion. When we live in this mood, everything we do is Spiritual because our lives are dedicated to the greater good rather than our personal desires.

"Being Spiritual is a way of life, a flow that comes with being connected and in tune with the vibration of love, empathy, and compassion."

I would like to add that being spiritual does not mean you need to be religious or follow any religion. In fact a complete atheist could well be a very spiritual person, even if they wouldn't describe themselves as such. We do not even need to believe in the notion of God as depicted by religions to be a spiritual person. The reason being that the current paradigm of what God is may well be VERY far from the truth, and so whilst many atheists do believe in Higher power they choose not to call it God. Nevertheless.. atheists are, ironically enough, often VERY spiritual people! We don't need to be Buddha or Christ.. we need to be our own authentic Self!


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