A visit to Fort Taber

A visit to Fort Taber at sunrise

I hope anyone in the USA that experienced Hurricane Ida or the remnants of it which passed through us over night are doing OK, It was load enough as it passed by here I dread to imagine what it was like when it hit Louisiana .

Last night about 11;45 the Phones all went off we were under a Hurricane warning so Lulu and I went down to the basement till that cleared at about 12:20 and went back to bed.
At around 2:30 the phones went off again with a flood warning, we ignored that and tried to get back to sleep, which didnt work well for me, so I listened to the rain and thunder till about $;30 when I got up and thought to check the basement, luckily that was all fine just a couple of puddles, easy to mop up.

Then I though I would check the sunroom, and glad I did, it and mother nature thought it may make a nice pool, most of the floor was covered with water, well over half an inch in places, lucky we had nothing electrical at floor level there so no damage, but I have been busy for around two hours Mopping up all the water.

But hey to look at the bright side I didnt think I would be getting a walk in and doing some exercise, I have done more steps this morning than my last three walks LOL

OK thats our update now back to the regular schedule for this post

Fort Taber Park is a 47-acre town park located at Clark's Point, in New Bedford, It is also called by Some Fort Taber/Fort Rodman Park, The centerpiece of the Park is Fort Rodman which was built between 1857 and 1871 but thats not what I will focus on for this post, but instead the nice sunrise I saw one morning while walking there.

Early in summer it was a bit of a pain to get into Fort Taber as they only open the gates at dawn, and infact the times I checked it out it was after sunrise the gates were being opened, and most of the streets near it are either no parking or resident sonly parking so I had to park a good walk away from it to get in their before sunrise, but with the sunrise getting later some mornings its open when I get there and that make sit easier.
When I get to drive into the park, I park not far from this pier

Fort taber.jpg

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The park has quite a bit in it, from the Fort, to a Playground for kids a Museum, picnic areas and such but in the early morning when I visit there it is most popular for walking and jogging.
And it is surrounded on three sides with water views, so of course i love walking there

Fort taber-3.jpg

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Looking back along the path at the pier with some nice colors in the sky

Fort taber-2.jpg

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As I kept walking the colors came out stronger there are a few paths there and as its fairly early morning when I go there not to many walkers or Joggers, mind you I did almost get startled as I took this shot just after a cyclist came past and it caught me by surprise lOL

Fort taber-4.jpg

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And to finish off I was back on the Pier and that's the Butler flats lighthouse you can see

Fort taber-5.jpg

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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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