The struggle is real

bee purple thistle macro 7.jpg

How to get to the sweet nectar though all that purple mess?

Some insects manage. Being a butterfly or a moth with a long proboscis definitely helps. Bees have to fight for it.

If you take a look, you will see that it is not the center of a flower that they are after. She could get there easily here.
But it is the bottom of the purple tubes where the nectar is hidden.

bee purple thistle macro 1.jpg

bee purple thistle macro 3.jpg

bee purple thistle macro 5.jpg

Those purple thistles were screaming at me from a distance. Among all the dry grasses and spent flowers they were almost the only pop of colour. Definitely the only purple like this.
And I wasn't the only one attracted to them. Bees, beetles, flies and other insects wanted some of them too.

So I sat down in front of it and started to to shoot this poor little bee.

bee purple thistle macro 2.jpg

Shame on you little bee.
Sticking your behind at me like this :p

bee purple thistle macro  8.jpg

bee purple thistle macro 4.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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