Another day, another sunset

Did I mention that summer sunsets are boring? - I did. Many times.
Did I also mention that winter ones rock? - Yup... also many times.

So here is one of those cool ones. Shot in March from my balcony. From late fall until late spring I get the best sunset views! All the clouds drama, gold reflections and occasional planes preparing to land in Lisbon included.

5:47 pm
Sunset march 1.jpg

Those tiny, fluffy sounds could only mean one thing - some awesome rays in a battle between the two.

6:11 pm
Sunset march 2.jpg

6:30 pm
Sunset march 3.jpg

Here comes the first brave one trying to cover the sun.
Some lost bird as a bonus here :)

I switched from Nikkor 18-55 lens here to Tamron 70-300 to catch those clouds better.

6:33 pm
Sunset march 4.jpg

6:33 pm
Sunset march 5.jpg

6:34 pm
Sunset march 6.jpg

Small ones didn't work. Time for the big bro :)

6:36 pm
Sunset march 7.jpg

6:38 pm
Sunset march 8.jpg

6:41 pm
Sunset march 9.jpg

6:41 pm
Sunset march 10.jpg

And a grand finale with some gobsmacking sunrays.

6:43 pm
Sunset march 11.jpg

6:43 pm
Sunset march 12.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Nikkor 18-55 and Tamron 70-300 lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg

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