Looking at the weather forecast on Sunday night for the following morning, it was unclear if Monday was going to be one of those totally epic mornings, or just grey, boring and damp.

Every weather app was saying 100% cloud cover, but it was high cloud, and sometimes even a full coverage of high cloud can light up like a Christmas tree.

I set the alarm. Sunrise is pretty late now so it's no big deal to wake up and twitch the curtains. If the weather looks rubbish then I don't need to go out.

The Monday morning window check looked good. Very good. I could already see the clouds catching the first rays and it was still over an hour before sun rise. For some reason it took me longer to get out of the house than normal. I pegged it up to the gates on my bike, locked up and started walking.

The easterly horizon was really on fire. I was walking as fast as I could in my wellies, and with my own body weight of camera gear in tow. The pink glow spread across the sky, it was over my head and reaching right across to the west. It was also very misty. The pink clouds reflected the pink light downwards, turning the mist pink. Everywhere was pink!

Damn it I am not where I intended to be. I'm in a misty field with a few trees in it. But this light is wild, and I have to stop and take a photo because it wont last. I stop walking, get out my tripod, line up a tree with the amazing sky and take a shot.


ISO 100, 78mm, f/10, 0,5 sec

This image is barely edited. I brought down the highlights in the sky a fraction, and removed a very distant plane heading in to land at Heathrow, and a dust spot (I should probably clean my sensor). It's almost identical to the raw image straight out of the camera.

I continue walking towards the ponds. The pink is fading and suddenly I'm at the ponds and there's no mist. The light is gone. It's just grey. Thank goodness I got my camera out when I did!

Here's a bit of footage I grabbed. The phone has saturated the colours to ridiculous levels, but it gives a decent representation of what the conditions were like.

I haven't shared this image anywhere else yet, so the Hive community gets to see it first! Thanks for reading, and have a good Tuesday!

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