Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - What Does FREEDOM, Feel Like To You?


To think of the word; FREEDOM, it is quite vast and our definitions may vary but the basics of freedom means being able to do what we want without restrictions. To many, freedom may come in terms of financial terms while others might be something more general, like non-restriction movement.


Someone like me, hates restrictions when it comes in terms of movement in which many things can be the cause of it. It could be from financial situation or the restriction could be something more related to the covid-19 lockdown.

In Nigeria, freedom is not something the youths have. We are not free at all in almost every aspect and the government do not care about us either. Over here, we see police molesting young guys because they dress in neatly and attractive.

Most especially while traveling, you will find these police men checking vehicles, asking any young person (most especially males) to drop down the vehicle and begin to ask for our phones. After collecting the phone, they begin to go through the phone and go as far as checking the bank account of the person. All this annoys me, and totally boils me.

The problem that comes to using an iPhone in Nigeria is that if you do so, you are probably a scammer, and being a youth, you are most likely going to get in contact with a police who would be requesting for your phone and later be checking your bank application.

My definition of freedom goes to being able to do what I want, what I like, choose the music I listen to, the kind of phone I use without being molested by anybody.

Today I read a news and also saw a video online of a lady killed by cultist for dancing to a certain type of music which she posted on tiktok. Seeing this was annoying and disheartening. Why would people kill a fellow human for dancing to a certain kind of music?

Like seriously, we are in the 21st century and people should understand everyone has their own choices in what every decision they make and should learn to mind their own business if so far their choices do not cause am to another.

What thing I love about being FREE, is the freedom of expression but the way the world is, the people in power are trying to limit our will to express and share our thoughts. They seek absolute power, to dictate over what we do.

Twitter was banned in Nigeria because they wanted to cap the youths from expressing their grievances over government issues. This ban was due to the reason that twitter was medium the youth easily communicated and shared that thoughts during the End SARS protest last year, which did not end well.


I feel truly free when I get to express my mind without restrictions and the best way I get to do that is through playing my guitar. When I feel stressed and really want to lease out my thoughts either happiness or sadness, you would know from the sound of my guitar.


A picture of me in the realm

The guitar is just like a wired speaker to my heart. We have a special bond and connection that gives me this vibes when I play it. Some days ago, I was playing the guitar soulfully and tears began to drop down my eyes while I played it. At that moment, I was really connected to the guitar expressing my thoughts and feelings through it.

At such point, I am no longer on earth. My soul, mind and thoughts are in another realm where freedom is truly felt. My body is only what you can see playing the guitar but I have gone beyond what the eyes can see.



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