How to think better and analyze truth with more accuracy in a propaganda rich society

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When analysing information that is touted as objective within the current paradigm of modern culture, one might be tempted to take 'objective truth' at face value and try to piece together a logical picture out of it all - as is the natural human thing to do.

We like to know what is going on - to have a 'map' running in the background.

However, the average critical thinker starts with a disadvantage. To be efficient at 'making the product of truth' out of thought we must first make a few boxes to diagnose and analyse 'truth' before that information can be of any practicable use.

First off, these are just suggestions so take what you will and discard the rest. The starting point of this article is to show how a little organisation in the thinking mechanism prior to actual thinking can exponentially increase the intended functions of the thinking process (however, in some cases, it's best to stop the mind altogether, lol).


How to think better and analyze truth with more accuracy in a propaganda rich society:

1. Accept there is no such thing as 'objective truth' - our senses do not have the capacity to know that which is real. The closest we can come to 'objective truth' is by collective agreement. This means that our ability to know 'objective truth' is directly attributable to our ability to function harmoniously as one entity.

2. 'Objective truth' (notice how I won't touch this term without the long steel pole of inverted commas?) - has many facets. Understanding that there is no such thing as an understandable objective truth allows the critical analyst to constantly update their truth and their truth algorithms. Once one has decided on an objective truth within the self - it is no longer alterable - it becomes dogma.

3. The saying, repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth - has some truth to it. Accepting the role of repetition and its ability to generate value within the collective mind is a massive step in the direction of actually seeing things objectively.

To make something 'true' - first something has to be introduced in such a way that it invokes an emotional response in order to lock down the rational circuits of the brain - then that emotional response, paired with the information charged brain circuit needs to be used repeatedly by pressing the same button in different ways over and over again - then in as short as a few months time - critical judgement of the information is thrown out the window because the 'truth' becomes self evident.

Now that the 'truth' has become self-evident it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is literally dogma in the 'brain circuit of 'truth''. When dogma invades the 'brain circuit of 'truth'' - stagnation results in the rational process. The 'truth' acceptee then goes on to eliminate all in its environment that does not align with this dogma in order to eliminate all changing variables in its environment to indeed create the 'truth' that it now 'knows'.

In humanity's past our environment has pulled the wool over our eyes in many ways inadvertently which has given rise to many a superstition. For example, "it's been raining for a week" - associated with negatively charged thoughts - therefore god is not happy with us - therefore I feel I need to do more what is right - therefore I must stop people from analysing this because god will not be questioned which makes him more angry which makes more rain (this kind of simple logic based on emotional brain circuitry that is utilized in propagandized media).

So to put it all really quick and plain - to get as close to objective truth as possible:

Accept that true objective truth is an ideal and is only ever an ideal - though an ideal can be an aspiration (a very healthy one). What is accepted as objective truth in society is a result of repeated information introduced in conjunction with emotional circuitry in the brain either deliberately through propaganda or inadvertently by our environment.

Repetition creates value in the mind. There is a hierarchy of information - information indeed 'trends' in consciousness and this is how 'truth' is created.

What is considered 'truth' in society is a direct result of its repetitions linked with emotional circuitry and not what is actually objective. (And this is not to say you should ignore every collectively agreed truth either. Please use common sense!)

Know the mind.

Hope this helps,


ps. Here's a cute picture of a dog to complete the positive affirmation circuit in your brain.

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pps. thanks Mati Mango for the picture!

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