Attention-economics: There is no 'elite' - there is only ourselves


What if there is no 'elite' in 'control' (as many truthers spout and fear) but rather only our nature trained against us.

An innate beast awakened - the recipe for addiction perfected.

With the system driving itself - following itself and training itself to maintain dominance through self-understanding for the purposes of conquest.

Captivation and attention are the economy of the machines called the attention kings.

The algorithms rule. Not as consciousness but as mechanical pieces of the human mind externalised.

We blame people, we blame this or that, because blame too is in our nature - we rarely if ever look to hold our own minds and its traps accountable.

These traps now externalised in forms and code.

What if the structure of the mind and the habits of the collective are the 'elite'.
There is no one leading the herd, the herd is leading itself via remote control.

Where would we be with nothing to fight against; with no big man to pull down?

Why is the core of truth often revelatory but also coincidentally unexciting?

We're entertained and absorbed into the world of drama - it draws our focus. We wish to see usurpation and conquest, we wish to see punishment and accountability.

If the 'elite' were to ignore the suggestions of machine learning they would quickly lose influence. You cannot change the direction of the flow, you can either resist it or add to it. The destination is the same regardless.

The machine learning of the human mind accumulating data has the collective eating from its hand.

We are tamed by our own inhibitions which we put in their place in a time before they became institutions and now they hold dominance because we use them to run industry - the wiring of the brains has been shorted and impatience reigns. We want satisfaction now! Our own inability to control ourselves - this is the beast that risks everything driving a runaway train into a fiery pit.

No one is in control. Control is in control. Addiction is in control. Data and machine learning seek to gain, captivate and dominate attention unto eternity. The human mind and its simplistic desires is predictable.

There is no one to blame in this theory. There is only ourselves and our own tendencies and our own minds - and what we've chosen to let dominate for the sake of self-interest.

It shows that no matter the path of self-interest - it always ends in nothingness and unconsciousness. Give self-interest enough time over a large cycle and it will degenerate into a self-closed circuit using an understanding of itself as its own key.

The society of the self-interested uses human kindness as a power source and wears it down.


I want to see honest journalism that doesn't use sensationalism to gain attention.

I want to see willing independent reviews of all facets of normalized society.

I want to see people admitting to the foot-hold the selfish nature has within them and acknowledging its utility and consciously setting it limits.

I want to see addictive mechanisms of the mind consciously trained into regular healthy habits forming healthy self-sustainable cultures and healthy societies.

I want to see group psychology taught in schools from a young age.

I want fascism to be seen and not quietly consented to.

I want to see those that claim to be free thinkers to exercise freedom of the mind by understanding themselves and harnessing their own natures to achieve their greatest potential.

I want to see society's addiction to conflict revealed and understood for what it is.

I want to see the world facing all these things within before they seek to use, abuse and project them outwards for their own interests - having their own nature fool them that they are in control of others' selfish natures by succumbing to elitist belief believing they are preserving humanity by preserving themselves above others.

I want to see the nature of the mind exposed and its uses and flaws analyzed by the youngest amongst us.

I want to see an emotionally intelligent and empathic public that can train themselves into methods of understanding the world without the need for systems and machines.

I want to see life.

Thanks for reading! Please provide input. Let's start a discussion.

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