Who Are You Becoming? Abundance Tribe Bi-weekly Question

This would be my first time participating in the Abundance Tribe bi-weekly questions and I couldn't skip this week's question for anything as it made me go through some reflection about my life's journey. And you won't believe it that for some minutes, I had to go through my old pictures and my recent pictures to compare who I was and who I am now, it was a really interesting adventure for me as I go through my past and present in a bid to know who I am becoming.

Looking through my pictures and thinking about all I've gone through, I got to realize that I'm yet to know who exactly I will become in the future, why? Here's the reason.

Who Was I?


I was a shy girl who loses confidence in herself whenever faced with little challenge, a girl who had fears for taking decisions and risks, a girl who learned in silence (rarely asked questions) and I was a girl who allowed her hurt to get the better part of her (a weak girl).

The thing is who I was and who I am now has so much improvements that I really can't guarantee who I am becoming. Presently, I'm a more confident lady who has faced challenges and tend not fall but rather takes risks to get better everyday. One thing that has helped my improvement is my writing skills in the virtual world. Through my writing, I've come to meet different people who have made impart in my life one way or the other and I can feel that I am so much different from who I was.

Who I was and who I am now may or may not really connect because I still don't know how come about some of the great changes in my life so I really can't guarantee who I am becoming. I believe I'm still finding myself and from what I've found about myself presently, there are so many great things I'm yet to do. I believe I am becoming my own best personality in every way.

Who Am I becoming?

Who Am I Becoming.gif

A strong and brave woman who through her lifestyle will teach people how to be brave enough to overcome their fears. I will become the woman whose hurtful pasts would have no effect on but instead I would use them to become stronger even in the future. Yeah, there is one particular hurt that has been getting me hurt anytime I think about it but who I am becoming will not let such hurt get through her.

I don't wish to live by the people's made old or present rules that has no effect in my life through out my life time but I will live by my own rules and explore my abilities for the world to see. I will become my own mind controller, a great singer, an excellent writer, a winner, a daughter my parents would be proud of, a sister that my siblings would wish to have again in their next life (if there is any), the best and reliable personality to my true friends.

I pray that sooner in life when I come back to read this, I would to smile at myself that I have accomplished all this. It won't be an easy one but who said it would be easy after all? Yet, I still want to continue in the journey to the "Me" I want to become.

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