👨‍🍳 I Purchased Propane On The Black Market 🔥 It Felt Like a Drug Deal 💊


Apparently I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy with propane, so after nearly a week without proper hot and fresh meals, we achieved a small victory today.

cool flyer, but never answers and doesn't return calls

The Struggle Is Real (Again)

     It really feels like a race to the bottom here in Suriname, and Code Purple has already proven to be a beast, causing people to cue shoulder-to-shoulder in long lines, something that would seem quite counterproductive during a pandemic.

     Suriname is facing some serious shortages in what seems nearly every sector of the economy. If you follow my blog, you'll know I've hit the streets for 5 days back-to-back simply trying to get $200 USD from Western Union, a propane tank exchange, and any fruit or vegetables available.

     At the moment we only have access to mangos, cucumbers and tofu, as far as fresh-ish things go. There are now only a total of 24 hours each week total we are allowed outside the home to do what we need to do, so we've added panic buying to what was already food shortages due to the record flooding.

The Magic of a Hot & Fresh Meal


     It goes without saying those with cars and motorized transport have the advantage in times like these, covering more ground and errands in less time than pedestrians and cyclists. However, I scored some propane today, and it arrived at my house in the trunk of an unmarked car, clearly not a legit business like the other propane delivery businesses that aren't answering their phone.

     Our choice of reasonably affordable vegetables and fruit has been reduced to mangos and cucumbers, we put them on whatever food we make. I prepared some macaroni with a spicy arrabbiata sauce, something so simple to prepare I wouldn't dare share the recipe with you all, but it's very googleable.

Morale Partially Restored


     I have never been so in amazement at having flames available in the blink of an eye. It triggered a sort of caveman-esque fascination, and that led to the ridiculous GIF I created for the thumbnail. We humbly give thanks for what we have at this time, and know there are millions people around the world in much more dire straits than ourselves.

     There is still a food problem, but I think it's safe to say a portion of my sense of humor has returned, and a goofy Dad makes happy kids. Now all I have to do is attempt a vegetable run on Friday, the most hectic of the non-lockdown days, but it'll be our last chance to get anything other than cucumbers before the full weekend lockdown.

     Some new and delicious #plantbased Ital recipes are on the horizon, as well as some humorous content too. Stay tuned my fellow Hivers, and thanks for all the positive vibes you sent me on my birthday.

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