Abundance tribe Biweekly question/ How do you honor yourself.

On the table of greatness, everyone who is on that table is accorded a level of honor.

The honor accorded to anyone on that table comes as a result of the value each of them attached to themselves. That table is designed with a special purpose and that purpose is to honor those who are on that table and so any man can not just walk to that table thinking he or she will be honored without undergoing the process of honor.

That person must follow the design set for people to follow before they can be recognized. So follow the criteria, prepare yourself and see yourself as an honorary worthy enough to sit on that table then only will one be recognized as one.



I asked someone the same question and the answer gotten from that person is that she honors herself by giving herself a good meal. This is a way of telling herself how honored she has been to herself.


The answer is funny but sitting down to think about it I discovered in one way or the other it is a great way to honor one's self.

You can only do that to tell yourself you are doing well but in as much as you are doing that you will also need someone to bring that honor to light and that's when the quality will be complete.

I thought to myself and not relating to what the lady said.

The only way I can honor myself is by attaching value to myself, honor can not come from others when you did not attach a reason for them to honor you.

So I try all possible best to see that I keep myself on the part where I can stand tall without having any cause to hide my face for any reason.



I do that by knowing relevant things. Having the right knowledge makes you the right person.
So attaching value makes one more valuable in society and this is because the person chooses to place value on himself.

And most at times, this value comes as a result of reciprocating it, giving to those who deserve it gives you a sense of fulfillment, you also will be accorded the same value in one way or the other, either from people above or below the scale of life and value.
I honor myself by keeping myself updated with the latest information and make sure I get to the top of the table where the honored will be made physically.

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