Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - What Does FREEDOM, Feel Like To You?


Hello beautiful people.

It's that time again, time to relax and reflect,to take some time for yourself and dig deep. As we move forward, it's so important to take these opportunities, to connect with our feelings and emotions, to really acknowledge them, to acknowledge where we are in our lives.

We can so easily, get caught up in everything that is happening around us, in whatever narrative is being pushed onto us. Preventing us from dealing with and creating our own stories. Right now, so many of us continue to be guided by fear, to live in fear. If you watch the T.V, it is projected on to you, all of the time.

Then you begin to divert your attention away from yourself, with all of your energy, now focused on fear, making you unable to feel how powerful you really are. So many people have lose sight of this and as a result, they end up feeling really disempowered. So today I ask you all,

What Does FREEDOM, feel Like To You?

As the government continues to try and strip away our freedoms, I would like you all to focus on how it feels to have them, to remember, so that we can take them back!


The aim of the biweekly question is to help promote self awareness and to show the importance of researching, so that we can begin to go back to a point, where we are connecting more with our intuitive self. I am always telling my girls to keep asking questions, because the narrative we are told, is only ever one sided. By asking these questions, I am inviting you all to focus on what you really want in life and how you are going to achieve it.

We all have so much to offer and so much to learn from one another and that’s why I think it’s really important to open these questions up to everybody on the platform. There is a one week deadline for answers and everyone who answers and follows the deadline, will get a upvote from the tribe of at least 10%.


Posting Guidelines

  • Post your answers to the question in the Abundance.Tribe community.
  • Use any form of expression that makes it easiest for you to share your Truth.
  • Post between now and the 30th September.
  • This question is open to everyone within the Hive Platform.
  • Each written entry, must have a minimum of 400 words.
    I look forward to everyone’s answers and I hope that you all are having a great week.




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