Do you want to contribute to the growth of HIVE and 3Speak while monetizing your Twitter posts? We need to get 3Speak's name out there, especially on conventional social media websites like Twitter.

Everyday we are seeing more and more creators becoming the victims of censorship and this is a great opportunity for us to on-board them to 3Speak.

In order to ensure that these creators are made aware of the free speech and censorship resistant properties of 3Speak (and HIVE) we will run weekly "Twitter Madness" campaigns and reward the most intelligent traffic generating Tweets, that you guys make.


Each week we will give out upvotes to the best tweets on the basis of engagement, activity and reach. Additionally the top 3 tweets with the highest traffic and best quality will be rewarded 50 HIVE each, as well as the feature in our weekly blog titled "TWITTER MADNESS"! Please go through the section called "Reward Guidelines" mentioned later in the blog.

3Speak Twitter Madness.png


You can follow the steps mentioned below in order to take part in the Weekly Twitter Campaigns:

Tweets We Want to Target:

  • If we find YouTubers or other Video Creators who are being censored, we will post their tweets in our #twitter-madness channel on the 3Speak Discord, as well as in our Telegram group. Links provided in the footer.

Tweets You Can Target:

  • Additionally if you find content creators who are tweeting about being censored or demonetised, please paste links to their tweets in our #twitter-madness and Telegram channels, so that others can send some Hive / 3Speak twitter love their way.

Preserving Censored Content Using 3Speak & Twitter:

  • If you find someone else's video being censored or shadow banned, upload it to 3Speak.
  • Be sure to give credit to the original creator, with a link to the original work if possible.
  • Tweet about the fact you have uploaded it to 3Speak.
  • Mention the original creator's twitter handle with the hashtag #HIVE and 3Speak's Twitter Account in the tweet.
  • Share the tweet in 3Speak's Discord & Telegram rooms.
  • Give twitter love to any other tweets dropped in the room.

Reward Guidelines

  • All participants should comment on, retweet and like these tweets that are posted in our discord and telegram to help draw attention to 3Speak and Hive.
  • Remember to actively like and respond to other Hivean's tweets as much as possible!
  • All participants should post their Tweet Links and Screenshots in the "comments" section under our weekly "Twitter Madness" campaign blogs which will be posted each week on @Threespeak's account. (Official Hive Account of 3Speak).
  • High quality, insightful, value adding tweets will be eligible for rewards. There is the possibility of additional rewards, if the tweet gets a decent amount of visibility & engagement.
  • After one week we will publish the results (of the previous week) with achievements & best performing participants.
  • Each week the blog will usually detail any new mandatory guidelines for taking part, updated due to lessons learned, hashtags to be used, "To Do" items & the results of the previous campaign.
  • For any clarifications or queries, you can drop your message in 3Speak's Discord or Telegram.
  • Rewards will be given in the form of upvotes at 3Speak's discretion.
  • The 3 best tweets with highest traffic and highest quality each get 50 HIVE each week.
  • Any attempt to abuse or spam will likely result in offenders getting blacklisted from these campaigns and our respective communication channels.

Please provide your Twitter screenshots, links and any feedback for this week's campaign in the comments section below. We are excited to work with all of you on this initiative. See you guys starting from today! . ;)

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