3Speak.tv Development Highlights


Hey Hivers!

In this short blog post, we want to share some highlights of the dev team's work in https://3speak.tv/. Many of these upgrades and changes have been thanks to your feedback or to solve the needs and problems that we found on the 3Speak Platform.

@gotgame - Highlights of the last two months:

  • Started development of task bidding platform and completed the main features, expect to finish and move into testing and debugging in a few weeks (estimated 2 - 3wks).

  • Continued work on SPK network website from where the previous dev stopped, worked on the design, layouts, and addition of new sections, content restructuring.

  • Worked on hive account operations for SPK network desktop app, including authentication, posting to chain, voting, and following.

@sisygoboom Highlights:

  • Crypto & NFT donations in 3Speak Videos.
  • IPFS switch and open in desktop app button.
  • Recovering the platform from a rogue ex-employee.
  • Changed domains and switched to Privex.
  • Added Markdown editor on the upload page.
  • Recommended API now looks for videos that potentially share a community as well for a more interesting recommendation experience.
  • Fixed longstanding encoding issues
  • Fixed longstanding weird thumbnail dimensions.
  • Sorted out issues with fraudulent views for bigger upvotes.
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes.

If you have not done it already, we invite you to join our Discord Server: https://discord.me/3speak.

You can also join our Telegram groups:

And finally, you can read the @spknetwork Light Paper here.

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