Replay of PYPT from October 7, 2021

ARGHHHH ... the audio didn't record.Sorry

There was a nice turnout for the first PYPT back after over a year on break.

About a dozen posts were presented in between people catching up with each other. You'll find that PYPT is as much about socializing and getting to know each other as sharing posts.

An addition to the show is, instead of being Hive focused completely, other platforms are being invited to join in. To name a few would include Hive, Medium, Vocal, Loop (formerly Trybe), Read Cash. We'd welcome even someone wanting to share a post from their own blog.

If you missed this week, not to worry. We'll be back next Thursday at 12 Noon Eastern time on the DreemPort Discord

NOTE: I'm including a link to the recording on YouTube for those who have problems viewing on 3Speak. It's down below the links.

To help you follow along with the recording, here are the links to the posts presented and their presenters:






A discussion about the impact the game Splinterlands has on the Hive platform led to @thekittygirl sharing this cool app showing the realtime activity on the platform.







See you next Thursday at noon.

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