Well, he is 2 weeks in Mexico and loving it. A semi failed mission of going to look at land

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I'm in mexico since 2 weeks or so. Decided to go check out some land and ended up getting fucked by the heat. I'm heat intolerant anyway but woke up early to get there before the sun was high. No chance!
The day after this, I have a scrape on my back and elbows, and was sure I had passed out but couldn't remember. Turns out I did after whilst standing up from recording a caterpillar on video, and to be honest I have no recollection of filming this still..

I left the caterpillar part and the me passing out, it was shit recording anyways. So I'm not even sure if I made it to where I wanted to get. I remember hanging out with three achoholics at a shop, whilst trying to hide from the sun, and then asking a farmer if he would give me a ride, then the police picked me up, then some beers with different farmers and then after a 14 hour trip, I got home. I have quite a bruised neck on both sides as if I had been grabbed by the neck, but I don't think that happened.. My bum don't hurt which is the main thing!

The next video, was made today, before I had seen the recordings I took and forgot about hahaha

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