Little Bees, Unite! HIVE Needs Your Help!

Good afternoon, fellow Bees of the Hive! 🐝

I'd like to call you out and ask for your vote at the site Staking Rewards site.

This poll can help HIVE gain a much needed visibility, which would benefit all of us. We were in first place... but over the last couple of days we were overtaken by another team. 🙄


As you can see, the results are pretty close. A single vote makes the difference, at the time I'm writing this. We have less than 24h left to make a difference.

Please help HIVE get listed at this platform. What is the Mother Hive asking from you, exactly?

1. Create an account at Staking Rewards
2. Wait like 10 seconds
3. Claim 10 hearts ❤️
4. Vote for HIVE

Yes, it's as easy as that. 🤓


What is this site for, I hear you asking...? Well, putting it simply: Staking Rewards is a data aggregator. It collects important information from various networks and keeps an updated list (a bit like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko) where the main focus is the value of each network regarding the Staked Value... and the Staking Rewards % you can get at each network.

You can see that right now, Cardano is at the top.


Getting HIVE listed at this site would bring a lot more attention to our platform, which would be a great deal for every single one of us. So, please don't stay put and let others decide your fate. The whole process takes around 30 seconds and no identity verification is needed. You can even use any old email account and a made up name and cast your vote.

Thanks in advance. Let's all join forces and put our network on the map. 🍯

I'll buy a Promotion at so that more people can see this post until the voting closes. 😁


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