My student found my Hive account … Looking back, it was inevitable 😛

I try my best to be myself in all situations. I don’t like putting on the air of so-called professionalism that pervades most business culture.

I don’t think being professional means putting on a mask. It just means doing a good job. That I can do.


That customer service smile. That polite unnatural voice. I don’t see how these add anything to the interaction unless you are originally a difficult and disagreeable person who doesn’t care how others feel, or if you are pretty bad at reading people. Then maybe it’s better to follow this kind of protocol when talking with others.

It’s not just working people, a lot of people in the public sphere do it. It’s why I can’t stand Nas Daily’s videos even though the content is usually pretty cool. The tone sounds fake to me. It’s not easy to listen to.

Some people really just talk like that I guess, and I won’t discriminate against them, and for some of us it’s merely habit and we don’t even mean to it. That’s all ok. It’s just not something I want to actively contribute to. It’s not something I feel is necessary and I don’t want to talk like that.

Still, when we are working with others, we feel a need to flatten out our personality, and speak in a way that is more widely acceptable and also censor some opinions and thoughts that might alienate our customers or coworkers, or god-forbid, our boss.

It’s the attitude of avoiding problems.

When you start out being inauthentic, you need to keep up that image indefinitely though.

No fun!

That’s why I try my best to be natural all the time, and avoid putting up any kind of a front. I don’t think I can maintain it. Eventually people will figure out I have the soul of a spiritual-punk-radical-moderate artist-whatever and if I’m not open about it from the beginning, it might freak some people out.

The problem with being honest about it is that you will alienate certain people from the get-go. This is why some people are so hesitant to talk about politics or religion. They’re worried about alienating people.

But my attitude is always one of both acceptance and freedom. You can believe whatever you want. I accept you. It doesn’t mean I agree with you. I can work with all kinds of people if we can find a common goal.

I don’t care if you have crazy beliefs as long as you don’t preach them at me. I don’t care if you have a different sense of right and wrong as long as I don’t see you disrespect or abuse anyone.

It doesn’t mean I’ll love our interactions, but if you are providing a service or if I am providing a service and we can get along well enough for that, what’s the problem?

Many people do not accept others so readily though, and so even someone so resistant to shallow professionalism can fall into this trap.

It’s still very difficult for me to share certain opinions openly. I try my best.

Funnily, I feel a desire to hide my opinions from the students who I like the most. The reason may be obvious, I don’t want to lose them. If I enjoy teaching someone it will certainly hurt if I scare them away once they learn more about my private life.

It’s happened before.

Still I’m trying to be radically honest. I don’t flaunt my opinions but if someone asks I try not to lie.

I believe that there are enough people who can appreciate what I have to offer even if my opinions and ideas are sometimes quite far from the majority, even if some of my interests are strange or different.

I bring up again my favorite quote from Seth Godin, “find your smallest viable audience”. I don’t NEED to please everyone. All I need to do is find my people and do the best I can for them.

There is one point that Seth and I would disagree on. He doesn’t believe in authenticity. He says if you go to a surgeon for surgery and he’s being authentic he might “not feel like doing the surgery”. That’s being authentic, and so he says that when you are doing a job, there is no room for authenticity.

I think the surgeon example is pretty extreme though. If it’s life or death. Yes, I would hope my surgeon can shut up and put his problems away and fix my problem…but then again maybe not. If there is another good surgeon who is available in the moment, then by all means let him take a break. His wife just left him after all. I forgive him.


And not everything is as life or death as that. I can forgive a restaurant owner for not opening for a few days because of personal problems, or a performer who cancels a show because they aren’t in the right state of mind. Naomi Osaka, you do you, I do not care if you attend some speech or not.

Actually when you think about it, it’s probably better if the surgeon doesn’t perform surgery when he isn’t at his best, as long as there is someone else who can. You don’t want a sub-par service. We can’t be our best all the time every time.

So I have to disagree with Seth Godin on this point. I do believe in authenticity. And I believe in focusing on my smallest viable audience, the people who I can best serve, not the masses.

So part of me is nervous when one of my favorite students finds my accounts because I’m not sure he will feel about one or two things that I talk about from time to time, but if it ever comes to that…well then, that’s just how it goes.

From now I am trying to be my own boss, and I am trying to do more and more work that change peoples lives for the better, so I shouldn’t be thinking like a regular employee who just wants to avoid conflict.

I think he will be cool about it. We get along really well and he knows a whole lot about me already. I don’t know if he knows the extent of my previous adventures, but he knows most of my political stances and my criticisms of society. He is into a lot of the same things as me, including crypto so I’m excited to finally show him my Hive account.

Hey man, if you are reading this, welcome to Hive. This is my secret life (part of it anyway). I hope I don’t freak you out, and if I do, feel free to tell me about it.

I’m probably just thinking too much. Now you know it’s because you are one of my favorites 😉

You are really good at your job in the “customer research” department. Tell your boss it should be called the “customer stalking” department!

You have a valuable skill 😜


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