Focusing on my people and starting a new life

If you are reading this, you are my people…

Just on the eve of moving our to the new apartment, I had a sudden revelation of where my life is headed.

A year ago it was a vague idea that felt way outside of my grasp. Somehow, thanks to the friends and support I’ve found here, I feel confident to start devising a more concrete plan.

Essentially…all my dreams are coming true. The funding is meager right now but that’s what I’ll be working on first.

I’ve already been in the process of creating social media accounts that promote all my different projects at once, from Hive to music to writing to teaching and coaching and friends projects as well.

What if I turned all of this into a company?

The idea behind doing so would be simple, to sponsor my own visa in Japan. Freelancers always need a proper company to sponsor them and in the current economic environment, this is not only a big risk but it’s harder to focus on working for others and working for yourself at the same time.

By putting it all under the same umbrella and going “official” I can not only sponsor myself, but put all my energy towards my own projects and coaching.

My dream has always been to create and connect, and I’m starting to realize that there are lots of ways to monetize this to make a living, and maybe even sponsor my own visa. Most of these methods have only been available for the past 3-5 years.

15 years ago when I was in school, none of this was possible. Now with a little work and concentration, it’s almost easy.

I used to be so against making something formal, doing anything that resembled business, looking for new ways to monetize things. I was stuck in this idea that I would need to change what I was doing or adjust to make customers or clients happy. Now I realize, I can just keep doing exactly what I’m doing, but organize it a little better, add some new pieces, and focus more on a specific audience who will allow me to be whatever comes naturally to me.

I don’t know if I’d ever open up to this idea if it weren’t for Seth Godin. The thing he says most often is “Find your smallest viable audience.” You don’t need to worry about what MOST people like. You don’t even have to worry about what some people like. If you can find 100 or 1000 or even 20 people who are willing to pay the money that will sustain you, you just need to attract them.

This idea was particularly liberating for someone like me, who might come across as a little strange and who jumps around from this to that, who likes experimentation and doesn’t like to sugar coat things or make them overly formal or trendy.

If you tell me to make a speech or write something that can attract 50-100% of people, I don’t know if I could. But ask me to blow away the 2-3% of people who are looking for something different, that I can do.

So I’ll be experimenting a bit and finding a voice that feels like me, but speaks directly to the people I am trying to speak to.

There are many me’s. Trying to find the right one to fit this company idea. Don’t worry. If you following me already, I’m sure you will like him.

Aside from Cross Culture meetups and bridging my students and hive friends and IRL friends together, I have another project I’m planing that will be at the center of all of this. This project and the other details of this company will be private for now, but I’m sure some friends will notice it coming together piece by piece.

The goal will be to enrich all your lives. We will come up with many ways to do so. It’s not for everyone but if you are into anything here, then it’s for you. That will be the ultimate goal of this company and all its projects.


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