Everything is Culture. Show me your world 😉

The Cross Culture community has introduced me to a bunch of wonderful people over the past two years. It’s nice to see the customs and lifestyles of different places and slowly get a feel for different people's lives.

I want to stress that this community is not just for sharing straight information about customs. I want hear your personal feelings about your society and the world at large. I want to know the things that make you and your friends unique in your society. I want to see your challenges and your dreams for yourself and the world.

Me and my people

Any topic relating to society is Cross Culture. Anything relating to work and life in a specific place, generation gaps, gender differences, changing cities and lifestyle, or anything that gives us a glimpse into the uniqueness of your life is Cross Culture.

The only real requirement of Cross Culture is that you make your posts for an international audience, whether you live in a village in India or in the suburbs of California. That just means being a little extra aware of when something needs an explanation, or asking questions to your audience about similarities or differences.

The purpose of this community is to understand each other better

Education, Politics, Music, Spirituality, Food, Psychology, Travel, War and Peace, Study, economics, all these topics and more…if you can help us see into your world or the world of people around you, that is Cross Culture.

I want to know YOU.

You might get my upvote if you share some pictures and description of a unique festival or clothing or food. But if you can share your own personal memories and experiences, tell me your story. THAT will get a full upvote, comment, a retweet and a follow.

A simple blog is ok, just try to remember that some things might benefit from explanation and context because your audience here is international and diverse.

This can be a date you went on with someone, or it can be some experience that is unique to a certain place.

One thing I have enjoyed reading about so far has been the program where Nigerians must live in another part of the country and do volunteer work. The posts usually include personal stories with details and how people felt about the experience.

Another thing I liked reading about was a family dinner which was much different from a family dinner the countries I have lived in before.

Try to be more observant and attentive to details which may reveal the way people around you think and live. Try to compare with other place in the world that you have seen on TV, or better yet in Hive blogs.

We want to know how you interact with the world. In the process you will likely find that your audience has become much more international and diverse.

Here are some ideas for posts that I’d love to read.

1 Stories about your relationships with friends from other tribes or ethnicities within your own country. The good and the bad is ok as long as you don’t spread hate.

2 Experiences with foreign people in your country. What were you thoughts of other countries growing up and did anything change after you met them.

3 Different kinds of people and social groups that exist within your society.

4 Things about another culture or your own culture that you can’t relate to (anything ok, just don’t spread hate)

5 Your struggle to accept different ideas and culture.

6 How your city has changed

7 How your family has changed

8 Your favorite places to go with your friends

9 Comparing your life to friends in another place, or to characters you saw in movies.

10 Questions you have for people in other countries about family, school, work, life…

11 Current or past Trends

12 Observations about people around you.

13 Your feelings about the world at large

14 childhood stories with some culture context.

15 Local news or social issue related

16 Language/Communication related

There are endless other things you can talk about in Cross Culture.

Just remember, relating it to your life and personal experience, memories and feelings is always more interesting than just giving us dry information. The more you put into your posts and interactions, the more you will get out of this place. You will find not only payout, but maybe even some lifelong friends on the other side of the world or some information that totally changes the way you see the world.

I love that I’ve met you all. Keep posting here and let’s get more familiar with each other in the Cross Culture discord

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