Kids - An embodiment of adorable and memorable experiences.

In all the world, one of the most adorable moment for me is any time I spend with kids.

It's always exciting to carry kids around and sing nice songs for singing sake. Lol - most of them never understands what the song is all about. Nonetheless, the experience is always lit and adorable.

Truth be told, I no longer get to spend time around kids. Not as much as when I was younger.

It happened that I am the first child in a family of five children. This honourable position came with a great deal of responsibility so, I had to take care of my younger siblings from my immediate younger brother to the last child of my family.

Funny enough, even as a kiddo, there was never a moment that I felt burdened because of my role as big Bro to my younger siblings. I enjoyed it so much, and as I grew older, I got to realise that I have special fondness for kids. Especially the cute little ones. Hahah.

Yeah, as cute as this young chap.

Kids are really pure and they don't have any problem. No worries, Nothing-nothing. All they need is to be fed, sheltered, cared for and loved. They need to be nurtured from the onset so that they will become good addition to their family, Community and society at large.

The above image was taken during a traditional marriage I attended some months ago. I was fortunate enough to be in the same place with the young chap and the experience we had that day is still juicy in my memory.

The highlight of this adorable experience happened when I was ready to make my exit.


You'd be surprised to know that this cutie didn't want to let go of me. The mum had to take extra measures to convince the baby to let of me. Lol.

And I was like!!!

This is adorable!!! 😉

I couldn't believe my eyes. Haha.

FTR: The baby is my niece. We've only seen twice since her birthday. Nonetheless, our family tree is growing. Hehe

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