Death as a Function of Life + Rune of the Day


The eyes of the Spirit

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my father's passing and yet, there's no sadness in this fact, it's merely a temporal measure that could never hold the significance of this period. When he died, I thought I'd have to deal with a strenuous and difficult process of grief, but he was a gentle man who lived a life of tranquility and joy, so remembering him in tears was never natural for my siblings and me. In our hearts he's always laughing and telling jokes. It ended up being quite easy to let him go in peace and thankfulness, especially after I began my spiritual exploration, which completely changed the way I experienced grief and other forms of pain.

Spiritual work is nonsense to most people. Talking about magic, vibration, energy, other plains of existence or reincarnation is generally regarded as foolish. Astrology is considered "pseudoscience" and psychedelic substances are thought of as dangerous drugs. However, emotions are still a mystery to the majority of humanity and the fear of death is just as strong now as it was in ancient times. These are things that no degree of scientific understanding or rational analysis can dismantle, thus rejecting spirituality as a species has left us handicapped, unable to comprehend the deepest aspects of our existence in this world.


Right now, I can say that I devote my entire life to spirituality. My content creation, my fencing practice and everything else I do are tributaries of my journey of self-discovery. I've had many revelations during that journey, but perhaps the single most important of all is the realization that Life is endless and Death is merely a function of it, not its opposite. Everything and everyone that dies is reborn in some other shape and at some other vibrational stage. Thanks to my training, I can speak to my mother and father whenever I choose, I can feel their presence beside me at all times, I've asked them questions about my process, investigated their memories and feelings and received their guidance during times of confusion. Recently, I've expanded this to my entire ancestry.

Later I'll hold a ritual as homage to my old man who isn't old or young anymore, but timeless as his smile. My heart is rested and no sorrow encumbers me. My mind is clear and my soul basks in the knowledge of my own blissful ignorance, because I can never grasp Infinity and that's a great fortune: evolution is neverending, death is but a necessary deconstruction of the self that liberates the spirit so that it may rise to more profound forms of life. Indeed, death is as constant as breathing, we inhale and live, we exhale and die, every second. This is why I don't court or support fear, why I don't experience emotions the same way I used to and why I'm not sad now, after six years of being unable to embrace dad with these physical and all-too-mortal arms.

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Rune of the Day: Wunjo

Triumphs disguised as defeats, limits overcome. You have the opportunity to clearly state your situation in the adequate contexts, use it wisely. Do not spare important information but express yourself sparingly, the excess of words may cloud the message. Success requires no announcements, genuine progress does not wait for praises, the greatest growth happens in silence and is revealed naturally. Enjoy your satisfaction fully, but be careful with boasts, you may attract unwanted attention. Utilize the abilities that you have trained in creative ways, explore possibilities, allow yourself pleasures and luxuries from time to time, it is fair to celebrate accomplishments. You have fulfilled your promises and others can trust you, that gives you influence that you must implement responsibly. When accessing new circles, remember your ignorance about the rules that govern them and that nobody knows you in them; remain humble.

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