Celebrating the arrival of a newborn

Each culture is distinct for celebrating the festive event so now I am going to illustrate how the first child or newborn is celebrated in Pakistan following Islam. It consists of series of functions in which the priority is to bring the family together. This occasion is being celebrated as the first child is the blessing and it brings the two families together. Parents have dreams to see their child either having thoughts about the name or face similarity. Hehe, mostly both parents want their child to look their replica as they want more beauty in the world haha😂 both compete for this too.


Concealing the good news our ancestors used to hide this good news as they were afraid of the devil's eye. They did expose themselves but only when they knew that finally, the bumpy appearance can't hide haha. It's also being followed nowadays but not with such restrictions.

- Baby Shower;


In the third trimester, there was a function we called Darood. In which a sweet dish called halwa(sweet porridge) is being cooked and is being distributed. The norm behind this is the safety of the bad eyes. Also, the baby will have the right appetite otherwise he/she will remain hungry forever haha. In the race,nt era you can relate it with baby showers too. Where family members are being gathered and they enjoy a lot by dressing up and cheering. But we call baby shower godh bharai in which the girl is being dressed up like a bride and female relatives come to see her. Return gifts and prayers are done during this function


  • For beauty and resemblance;
    The newborn will resemble the same person whom her mother has seen during the whole pregnancy. It can be a headband or laws. So the lady is requested to watch the picture of that beautiful person who she wants to get resemblance in the newborn beautiful face ;
- Name decision;


Beautiful name of the kid is being decided following the holy book Quran. Thereby many Muslim kids have the name having the Arabic or person origin. But they are decimated following their beautiful meaning. So the priority while naming is thoughtful and for example, meaning. For example my name meaning is the one who relaxes 😁


- After birth;

Now when the baby finally arrives in the World, Azaan is being given in the ear of the newborn. Indicating that he/she has taken birth in a Muslim family. We call it Aqamat. Let methane a unique event that happens and is practiced as ghutti, dalna. During this event, the baby is being fed either water or honey by the finger of some special person. Who they think has the best personality. In the future, that kid will adopt the good qualities of that person. Haha, I believe the child has the wired characteristics as his/ her parents have in their genes so this will build up the personality. But when the kid does something mischief in the future people use to ask who did this work and the curses that person( this funny though that person have that quality😁 no genetic basis)


- For the prosperity;

Within 7 days the hair of the newborn is shaved and again the family is invited to this function. Silver is given by weighing the hairs and the money is given to needy people.
In the next few days, an enormous function is being done in which the grandmother's family of newborns presents gifts. This exchange of gifts is called Khushi or delight.


So all these functions are being celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm.

The first newborn is welcomed with utmost delight and happiness whether it's the girl or boy. It's the blessing of Almighty.

The pain a mother encounter becomes relaxing for her when she first nurses her newborn.


I would like to invite sis @amberkashif and @merit.ahama, so that they should illustrate how the newborn arrival is celebrated in their culture here is the Contest link


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