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As you all are well aware of the importance of cultural days and when they are holidays or can have interesting and enthusiastic vibes for celebrating them. As I am a proud citizen of Pakistan so let me show you what sort of celebrations we love to do on the cultural holiday.
We call it Eid. Generally, we celebrate two Eid in each Islamic year and both have great religious and cultural importance. So I am giving a general overview of this Eid festival.


Eid is the event when there is a national holiday in the country. People who are working far from their homes come to their homes to visit this festive event.


Prayers are being made on these religious days for the prosperity of their country for themselves.


Family gatherings are being held for celebration. Before Eid Ul Fitr all Muslims practice fasting for a month on this occasion, generally sweet dishes are being made for the celebration.
While on Eid Ul Adha, sacrifices of animals are being done in the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).


- Charity;

The distribution of happiness is being done both e by food and money. or are being remembered on these festive events and the true spirit of these events is to raise the sympathy and humanity level in the society.

  • What I love;
    I love all the things on these cultural holidays, but the following are the most likable for me,


- Dresses;

When you have a festival for sure you will celebrate with a new version of you haha who doesn't like to have new dresses and looks. Tailors and malls are in a rush these days as each part of the community are busy purchasing new things.


Generally many like to have traditional dresses like Qameez shalwar but yes new trends and modifications in the fashion are also adopted and liked.


  • Food;

As I said earlier we have both sweet and spicy cuisine these days. So the foodie like me waits eagerly for it hehe.


BBQ and sheer khurma the most. So if you are going to impress me bring them both .lol


-Family gathering;
I don't have all the members of my family with me so I wait for this festival so that they should come to visit me. Can't tell you how much fun I have with my brothers and grandparents. Sometimes I wish each day of the year should be celebrated just like this.


  • Helping hands;


Through Fitrana, distribution of money is done and each member of the family has to pay a specific amount of money. Which is then distributed to the poor and needy people. Also, meat is being given to such people who haven't sacrificed so that they should also enjoy good food.


I like to do all this with my own hands.
I love each spiritual, festive, cultural, and charity-based activity during these days. Charity-based fun and delights can be seen everywhere.

So this is my entry to a contest being held by @crossculture. I would like to invite @amberkashif As I am already late I wish she could make an entry in time. Here is the Contest link

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