Santa Cruzan: A Religious- Historical Festival in the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

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Religious traditions and festivals are being observed by individuals, groups, and countries, sometimes it's about culture, behaviors, and beliefs.

Like the manners being observed in a particular place. Like here in our country, some of our good manners are observed like Honesty, Respectful, Hospitality, Truthfulness, and being trustworthy. These character traits are well observed and followed by me and my family because dignity and it's all part of it. It is very much important to us. Why do I mention it? Hehehe simply because there are some festivals here in the Philippines that are based on the behavior of the people, we have some dances according to the work and cultural beliefs. In different places here most especially in the provinces, you will observe such festivals and dance choreography and songs.

Each nation and country always represents some one-of-a-kind and famous festivals being celebrated in a particular place on a particular date.

And here in my country, the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­..there are a lot of famous festivals that we celebrate. Some festivals like Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Festival of flowers, or the Panagbenga festival.


And the Festival that I am going to introduce to you is The Santa Cruzan or the Beauty Pageant in honor of finding the Holy Cross. It is a religious-historical parade first held in Malolos Bulacan Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­.


It is being held in honor of Queen Helena of Constantinople and her son, Constantine.


The event is being held every month of May..usually in the last week of the month. Sometimes it is held together with the celebration of Flores de Mayo, a tribute also to the Blessed Virgin Mary. These are all religious festivals and are very beautiful and colorful.


Colorful and lively parades of flowers are being seen in this event.


In SantaCruzan, you will witness the beautiful ladies wearing beautiful gowns and honor of Queen Helena, for finding the true cross, that was said the one which was used when Jesus Christ has been nailed into the holy cross.

During this month, young ladies mostly are preparing to have beautiful colorful gowns and dressed like a queen with the gentleman as their escorts during the parade on the streets.

It usually started in the late afternoon till evening time, which started from the church. They brought torch lights, flowers around them, and a lot of people joined the parade. It's a religious beauty pageant, so the beautiful faces of the young ladies are being seen.

But recently, there was also Santa Cruz for the kids and married women, but still, they all make grand preparations for this.

This is being held in different places across the country and everyone is truly anticipating this event.


During the parade, the Church choir and the priest are also part of the parade, and right after the parade, there is a grand get-together where different delicious food is being offered by the Hermana and Hermano Mayor together with the other sponsors of the event.

Fireworks are also being displayed in this event. You will witness the amazing faces of the observers and spectators, admiring the beautiful and handsome faces of the participants!.

Festivals like this are very important to the Identity of a country and nation.

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