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This is the second week that I was not able to participate in the most fun challenge. This would have been my post for Plant based challenge last week. I couldn't keep my eyes open to finish the post on time but I will share it anyway.

If anyone who knows me would guess what I would have chosen from last weeks six choices, they probably would have guessed right if they said "fried rice".

In December 2019 I was in Thailand and noticed many menus with pineapple fried rice on them. It interested me but I never actually ordered it. Some vegan friends ordered it but we had too much food to try when they offered. So this was my first time having and making this.

The rice has to be cold so I made it the night before. The ingredients are pretty basic. The traditional pineapple fried rice usually has shrimp and fish sauce. I used vegan shrimp and a homemade substitute, mix of soy sauce that was boiled with seaweed, and dried shitakes plus lime juice and black salt. Black salt is more salty than regular salt so I used that since fish sauce is very salty. I don't think it's too close to the real thing but it adds something to the whole dish.

I bought a bag of vegan shrimp to add to the dish but I also threw in an extra item which was a new mushroom find, that I got from a mushroom vendor that comes to the park once a week. I've never seen or heard of such a thing so I couldn't help but try it. It was very meaty and pretty mild.


Pineapple fried rice
6 cups cooked rice
Vegan shrimp (2 or 3 cups or what you like or none)
1 cup chopped hedgehog mushrooms
1 carrot diced 1 cup peas
2 or three small chilies
1 onion diced
3 or 4 cloves garlic minced
1 teaspoon ginger minced
1 cup home made vegan fish sauce or store bought if you find it
1/4 cup rice wine
1'4 cup soy sauce or to taste
3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
1 pineapple
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 or two teaspoons sweetener
Juice of a lime
Cashews ( used roasted at the end)


The pineapple was just the way I like it. Really ripe and sweet like sugar. I am not a fan of unripe pineapple. The only thing is the leaves were not so pretty for presentation so I cut them off.


It's easy to cut out the pineapple by running a knife around the edges and cutting out the core. This was so ripe that I could scrape the last bit out to make a pineapple bowl.

I started the dish by cooking the onions and garlic, ginger, chilies then carrots, vegan shrimp and mushrooms.


I used a mix of sunflower oil and sesame oil for everything.


I added pineapple and cilantro after. I suppose it doesn't really matter when you add it but I'm not an expert at fried rice. I've made it less than ten times in my life.


Then I added the liquids and the rice.


I added peas at the very end just to keep the color and taste.


I added the cashews at the end since they were already roasted. If they are raw you can either toast them separately or fry them with the other items.


If you use the shell as a dish you can avoid at least two dishes. They can be tossed after that.


This certainly could be made without the fake shrimp or fake fish sauce. The spiciness of the chilies and the sweetness of the pineapple make it a tropical treat. At least for someone like me that likes a little sweet, savory and spicy.


If you want you could add tofu or tempeh. I wanted it to resemble the classic Thai pineapple rice with the shrimp so I stuck with the vegan shrimp which is a habit I can't afford. Next time it will be tofu.


Thank you for stopping by and I wish everyone all the best!

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