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Similar but not same


Hello everyone!
Have you ever thought that chempedak and jackfruit have the same shape?
God creates masterpieces in the form of fruit which from the outside is very similar but the taste and aroma of the two pieces are very different.
When buying fruit, often once I was fooled by the similarities of this fruit. Not very much different, but in the texture of the meat on the cempedak, much more soft and sized smaller than jackfruit.

Benefit of chempedak

In Indonesia, it is said that the fruit chempedak can cure the disease malaria tablets. Back when I was a kid, my mom once said that I was never stricken with malaria. At that time, the neighbors around my mother's house, suggest boiling the fruit cempedak and given to me as a treatment alternative. Not unexpectedly, it turns out that potent to cure the disease malaria, which I suffered. However, because I also don't know if works or not because in addition to the treatment by eating the fruit chempedak boiled, I also run a medical treatment.

But scientifically, chempedak has many benefits and also consists of vitamins that are good for the body. Although it has a lot of vitamins, not to over-consume fruit chempedak, because this fruit can make the stomach acid rise.

Snack of Indonesia: Fried Chempedak


In Indonesia, there is a food which we call ‘Gorengan’. Gorengan or fried food is cooking various kinds of food ingredients such as banana, sweet potato, tofu, tempeh, in fried with a flour dough are deep fried. If it's hard to imagine what it's fried, processing similar to tempura or American fried chicken. However, fried food is usually made plant based. This is how people harness the wealth of agricultural products.

One of the fruits that can be made of fried foods is chempedak, although similar to jackfruit, however, jackfruit can not be fried very different from chempedak.
Because the texture of jackfruit is soft from jackfruit, so that when fried with the flour. make cempedak savory and delicious.
For that, check out the steps and ingredients needed to make Fried Chempedak.


  • 1 Cempedak fruit
  • 50 gr all-purpose Flour
  • 30gr Sugar
  • 4 gr Baking powder
  • 1 packet of oatmeal instant (vegan)
  • Water
  • Oil for frying


How to cook:

  • Peel the fruit chempedak, then grab the fruit and set a side



  • Weigh the flour as much as 50 gr, 4 gr baking powder, and 30 g of sugar, then put into the container.


  • Mix the material with water to taste, i think is 150gr water. Stir until evenly distributed.



  • Enter 1 sachet of oatmeal, to add a savory taste and crunchy on the fried chempedak. Stir until evenly distributed


  • Heat the oil in medium-high heat, then enter slowly the dough with the garlic into the pan that has been heated with oil. Fry until browned.





  • Then set aside and drain the fried chempedak.

  • Could add the powdered sugar above fried


  • Fried chempedak ready to eat!

This recipe is very simple and easy. For lovers of snack home, can try it at home. If you do not have instant oatmeal, you can add oats course, to add a bit of sugar. And you can wear brown sugar, palm sugar and also a sugar diet.

I hope you guys like this recipe!
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