Book Review #12: Misteri Patung Garam by Ruwi Meita | The Mystery of The Salt Statue

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It's been a while didn't share about what I have read. Last time I really interest to write a kind of detective novel. Fortunately, my upcoming novel will be detective genre, so I looking for same genre to reference.

Luckily, I have a novel about detective in my home. I decide to re-read the book cause it's my favorite book. It's my first book from the author, but since I accomplished the book, I really love her next book.

Misteri Patung Garam | The Mystery of The Salt Statue


Don't Look Back

Author : Ruwi Meita
Publishers : Gagasmedia
Number of Pages : 278 Pages


He is very sadistic. And, he was still on the loose.

A pianist was found dead, sitting at his piano, with his lips sewn together. His eyeballs were slashed, leaving a terrifying black hole. A long red wig covered his head. Meanwhile, his brain and organs had been forcibly removed.

His skin was pale as white as salt. No, not as white as salt. However, the pianist's entire body was completely covered in salt dough. Kiri Lamari, the investigator of this case, is constantly haunted by the black hole in the pianist's eyes. Eyes that seem to be asking for help while continuing to ask, why did I die? Eyes that reminded Kiri Lamari of his mother's eyes. Which he also found lifeless decades ago.

Salt? Why salt? Kiri Lamari has not found the answer. While the organless corpse that had been smeared with salt had been recovered….He was very sadistic.

And, he's still hanging around.


The first time I saw the cover of this novel, I felt like I had to purchased it. Especially knowing the genre is a detective thriller mystery, I have no reason to not purchased it. The genre I like the most, of course. The title is really interesting for me. In my opinion, "The Mystery of the Salt Statue", and stories of intelligent police like this have always been my dream. That's how a police officer should be.

Besides, when I read the blurb, the summary about, I really excited to have this book in my bookshelf.


The blurb which's make me so interested!

This story is about Kiri Lamari, a police officer specially assigned to murder cases. A Kiri's career began in a murder case of 3 people who were mutilated and put in a whitewater labeled blue triangle. From there he became acquainted with Kenes who later became the most beloved lover.

The murder case that forced him to move from Jogja to Surabaya was a murder in which the victim became a 'Salt Statue'. One of them is a famous pianist, young and talented. Very unique, the killer is very neat in dissecting and removing the victim's organs and removing the 'brain' in a vicious way. The killer is suspected to be a psychopath. With traces of images such as cobwebs and symbols in the form of symbols that are difficult for Kiri to decipher.

Did not finished yet the case of the murder of a pianist, another victim was found in another place. This time it was a painter who was also killed and made a statue of salt. Kiri was more and more challenged, that's when he found a brochure for the Salt Statue Exhibition, which was none other than the sculptor who was a good friend of the second victim, Rahardian Maruti. Kiri starts an investigation and it turns out that the sculptor was in Singapore when his friend's murder took place.

Instead of finding another suspect, Kiri investigates the origins of the Rahardian family. With Inspector Saut, he travels to Solo to discover Rahardian's past and why he loves and knows Garam so much.

Then, can Kiri prove Rahardian is a suspect? If Rahardian was the culprit, what was the motive, because two of the victims were nothing to Rahardian. Was it really Rahardian who killed him, or was there someone else?


My Review

Reading this novel made me feel like I was watching a Box Office Detective Thriller that was so adrenaline-pumping. The way the killer removed the organs and even the victim's brain made me shudder.

This is even more terrifying than the 'Ryan Butcher' case in my opinion.

The author's narrative is so fluid, the choice of vocabulary is so smart, the themes that are carried are so brilliant that I can't give up this novel if I don't really know who the killer is.

In the end, this novel made me say, 'If one day I become a director, please remind me to bring this novel to the big screen.' Who knows, this novel is really about to be made into the big screen.

One note for me, even though 'The Mystery of the Salt Statue' doesn't play with much narrative, the execution is still cool. I think The Mystery of The Salt Statue is GOAT from Ruwi Meita's novel. It's great to unite a thriller with a sense of love and kinship. This novel make my tears' apart. As I said, It's GOAT!

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