Harry Potter Series :The Masterpiece of J K Rowling.

Some of the books do create a long narrative legend that extends from the depth of the core thinking of the author who writes it.
It has been my steady observation that most of the writing skills are originated from experience with which the author finds a strong plot to express what he wants to showcase to the readers at large.

Now, from the very beginning of my childhood I was quite a book lover, had a great addiction to read the books to my personal likings and tried to find perception about the story or context the writer wanted to say about in a broader sense.
From time to time, I was fascinated with comics, science fictions and many more books that has a typical set of expressive styles in versatile subjects.

Harry Potter was a book that I loved to read because it was not an excellent piece of novel with alluring story and fairy magical exhibitions, but rather much of what I liked about the authors depth of imagination that entitled the book to be the best selling book of that time.

I dont just read a book and try to learn from it, rather I want to see a clear picture of the author, to trespass into the mind at the time the author narrates a theme and I just loved it with all my heart.

I dont want to say how was the book, but I would like to say to you about the author who wrote the amazing book and how she passed her life in misery and poverty in the then Britain neighbourhoods.

JK Rowling came from a family which was insolvent in maintaining a decent life with little wages and she had a big Idea and knowledge to do many things in life. All she wanted to write novels that would be capable of solving all her needs, but the books and novel series called got rejected for a lot of times that remained in the dark side of peoples and readers attention.

J K Rowlings first Harry Potter book was rejected 12 times before it finally got selected for composing by the press. You would be pretty amazed to hear that.

Its easy to right books but when you are a young writer, want to write novels and get a publication, gain reputation and larger fame in doing ,but its an irony of fate, a laughing stock stuff to cherish that in the very beginning.

Rowling as in that position, also faced the same thing and got rejected but in the end succeeded and achieved the highest degree of honour and world famous fame.
I think, thats an example for the folks out here, community members who want to be a writer in the future, my advice to you would be not to indulge in failure nor get frustrated when you dont achieve what you look for, just do your works, carry promise and bear strength deep into your mind and one day you will be in the long height.

Harry Potter and Philosophers stone was my childhood favorite and I felt jolly inside me when I replaced myself in that position and doing magic, and going in adventures, it was a fascinating journey that I enjoyed all during my early life and I just loved it.

Thanks for reading and my best wishes to you all.
Keep up the habit of reading books.

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