Book Review : Not Just Love (Bukan Sekedar Cinta), A Book with Beautiful Illustrations

I just finished reading this book, this book is quite unique. The book is not very thick. What makes this book unique is that there are many illustrations in this book. This is a collection of prose and illustrations. You only need one day to read this book.

The title of this book is "not just love" (Bukan Sekedar Cinta). This book is written by Fina Phillipe, she owns a cafe in the Jakarta area. The prose which is she writes is quite interesting but I prefer the illustrations made by Aweview. Tell each prose story. I love every picture he makes


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

This book tells the life of a young woman who lives in a big city. There are many harsh realities to accept such a young woman. Starting from violence in dating, broken families to bullying. This harsh reality seems to tell all the conditions experienced by young women. The story which is Fina took was very interesting.

This book contains 6 stories. But only 3 stories that made me interested in this article. Many stories are lifted with the female lead. It's like, prose is written from what the author feels. For the first story, tells about women who experience violence in dating. I assume, this happened to a friend of the author who experienced dating violence.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

Inside the writer it seems as if there are many questions about women who do not fight for what is happening. There are many questions that the author expresses in the first prose. This is an interesting story. I like the way she asks a lot of questions about women. Nothing is wrong.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

The second story is about bullying. From my writing, it feels like I'm a victim of resistance. Many written traumas tell of the circumstances of the victims of the resistance. I promise not to fight against anyone. At the beginning of writing, the author thanks me. I feel like I should say the same to my mother.



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

The last post that caught my attention was about a coffee shop. My catch is this is the author's limitation of business, coffee shops. In this prose, like a she reflection. She thinking about the visitors who come to the coffee shop. The owner of the coffee is very happy, because there are many friends who are customers.

Then, according to the author, it turned out that the visitors who came were only his friends. Not a new customer. Indeed, there are customers who come or just relax at the coffee shop, but the customers who come don't seem to be going back to the coffee shop. According to him, something needs to be changed in this condition. He thought that if this continued, his coffee shop would close at some point.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

As long as she is in the coffee shop, the author listens to his customers talking. The customers tell stories ranging from light to heavy stories. From young people to parents. From this story, I dreamed to have a coffee shop. This prose reminds me of my dream again.


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