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Joining everyone, I also want to answer the 5 questions by nixci. I read some entries and thought, why not join the fun? It’s been a while since I answered book-related questions.


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What is the first book you remember reading as a child?

Among many books I read when I was a child, I vividly remember The Adventure of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. It was the book I found at my school library when I was 11. The book was dusty as the library was not well-maintained. As I remember, that was among the few English books that were available there. I loved finding English versions of novels and books when I was a child, that is because the English version was quite expensive and I didn’t know where to find them other than the school library.

When I was a child, I honestly didn't read too many novels. I was mostly reading either practical science, historical books or sometimes computer related books that my aunt had. I also was more interested in learning Deutsche and other languages, so I also read how to and short stories in foreign languages. But that Twain’s novel captured my attention.

I could relate to the main character Tom Sawyer, after reading a few pages. I couldn’t put it down even when the break time was over that time. I ended up skipping the class and just trying to finish the book before it was time to go home. Like myself, Sawyer was quite a disobedient child. Yet was clever and willing to get out of his comfort zone. Even with my limited knowledge of nuance at that time, I could understand the story well. Years later, when I was reading it in one of my classes, it was more than just a story of an adventure from a mischievous kid.

What is the best time to read?

I don’t have any particular time to read. I think what is more important to me is the environment. If the environment is supportive (quiet, good lighting with temperature somewhere around 80F) I tend to forget the time and can finish plenty of books. Though if I can limit the options, it would be around either 10 AM to 1PM or 4 AM to 7 AM. I retain more information either 30 minutes after I wake up or 10 AM when I am already well fed.

I also try to read everyday. Even when I am on the road, I always bring some books with me to read during the waiting time. I like to sit at a cafe while waiting for the flight and read some pages.

In what format do you prefer to read: digital, paper or both?


Always paper format. I like to give marks on my books and underline something that I find interesting. Since English literature is my major, I also have to put some notes on the book and plenty of sticky notes. I find that whenever I do it the old-fashioned way (pen, paper, highlights, and underlines), I remember things more than when I have to read it digitally. Normally when I do that, I get better scores compared to when I just highlight it on my PDF reader. Even when I am reading for pleasure, I also prefer the paper format because I can underline it and sometimes with the classics, there are words that I have to look up in the dictionary and I like to give some notes on the book rather than doing it digitally.

Despite my preference to the paper format, I have some collections on my kindle and digital library especially for Old English, Renaissance, Middle english, and Victorian age literary works. In my faculty, they have the paperback format for almost all 8 important periods of English Literature. So, if i can still find it there, I normally just borrow it. But if I can't, I rely on digital library.

What distracts you the most when you read?

I hate it when someone calls me on the phone and when I forget to turn off my phone. I tend to get distracted by notifications. I hate making people wait, and I hate waiting. So, I always reply to anyone directly who has some inquiries. When it comes to my own space, I happen to live in a quiet place, so it’s never a problem. My family never disturbs me because they know if I am reading a book, working, studying, they are going to be ignored until I finish reading or whatever I am doing.

Favorite genre?

This one is really difficult to answer because I read different genres as I collect books based on the literary period and authors. I think it’s quite rare that I buy a book based on its particular genre. Though if I can map my collection, I tend to collect classics and American literature. But when it comes to an actual genre and its sub genre, it probably looks like this: Thriller, fiction, Adventure fiction,Adventure, mystery, tragedy, historical fiction, science fiction, and conspiracy.

But mostly, I enjoy reading novels that have actual settings where I could come visit. So for instance, I really wanna do the Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code tour. Then, I want to be like Phileas Fogg who travels around the world in 80 days. I also want to visit Pompeii after reading the novel by Robert Harris. These types of books are something that I enjoy reading and find fascinating.

Other than those, I also collect programming books, language learning handbooks, encyclopedias, biographies, autobiographies, pyschology, international politics, economy and business, anything related to STEM, spirituality, christian literature, new age, religious books, and philosophy. So, it’s really hard to find me coming with a favorite genre because I tend to choose the book based on the author, literary period, and the content of the book.

If you want to join this fun, check out the post by @nicxi. Many have joined answering this prompt and I think you’ll enjoy answering this Q&A 5 questions by nixci too.

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