Hive Book Club Weekly Staff Recommendation : The Pain of Being Human by Eugene Kennedy

The Pain of Being Human - Eugene Kennedy


When it comes to self-help books, a lot of people have their reservations, and for good reasons. The self-help genre is one that is believed to be trite and most times providing hackneyed information, but In the last few decades, some outstanding self-help books have being published, and this sits atop. With a solid background in psychology, Eugene Kennedy is an intellectual power house when it comes to matters of human behavior and the human mind. Eugene Kennedy has written countless numbers of books and publications, both from a perspective of a catholic priest and as a "layperson"; Hence, makes this a worthy read.

The book is a compilation of sixty-two (62) different meditations that are insightful and deeply profound, both morally and spiritually. Eugene deliberates greatly on the different intrinsic human problems as well as deep questions that plague humanity.

The human being is a complicated creature. Each day we are fazed with problems, pain, trials, etc. Most of which begets from what we can't control. Eugene Kennedy, in his book "The pain of being human" tries to help us better understand these problems; and to better answer the probing questions of life. The books tries to help us be well-equipped for the outside world, emotionally and psychologically.

This is a book you can live by. Filled with a lot of wisdom and enriched self meditations. Eugene pours out his heart and soul into this work. As Pilot puts it "this is a book you should read, re-read, consult, refer to, and meditate upon".


Every once a week, our staff will choose a literary work to be reviewed and we hope that through this recommendation, you will get an inspiration on what to read and spark a discussion within the community. As of now, the weekly staff recommendation is written by our staffs but in the future, we could possibly open this position for anyone who wishes to apply. We hope you enjoy this review written by one of our most active staff and members @stevenson7 .


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